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Nuvilab food recognition AI unveils future of digital health

Source:Nuvilab Release Date:2023-11-21 215
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Nuvilab reveals the future of digital health with food recognition AI technology at CES 2024

Nuvilab, a company that provides food waste analysis and nutritional insights through its AI Food Scanner is returning to CES 2024, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) on January 9 - 12, 2024.


Building on their idea from CES 2023, Nuvilab will present the new Care Manager solution at this year's event. This system uses AI technology to track diets and help manage chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.


At CES 2024, Nuvilab will also unveil its innovative AI Food Scanner 3.0 that goes beyond basic food analysis integrating a comprehensive array of information through its Kitchen Manager and Hall Manager solutions. This integration provides insights into various aspects such as managing leftover food waste, catering to user meal preferences, offering optimised menu suggestions, and delivering tailored nutritional healthcare solutions to clients.


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