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Outlook 2023: Blaser Swisslube Managing Director India & SE Asia

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia Release Date:2022-12-28 997
Industrial MetalworkingMetalworkingMetal Cutting Machine Tools
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Punit Gupta, Blaser Swisslube Managing Director India & SE Asia shares his views regarding key manufacturing priorities for 2023 and how can their technology give the industry a positive outlook for the future.

Punit Pic.JPGUncertainties have been compounding in the recent past, with developing signs of weakness in economic growth and other high-frequency parameters. To provide manufacturing decision-makers in South East Asia with improved insight into global economic conditions in 2023, International Metalworking News for Asia asked thought-leaders in the metalworking industry how their technology can give the industry a positive outlook for the future.

Punit Gupta, Blaser Swisslube Managing Director India & SE Asia, shares his views regarding key manufacturing priorities for 2023 and how can their technology give the industry a positive outlook for the future.

The key manufacturing priorities for 2023 in Asia consist of multiple pillars in our view. First there is the focus on higher machining productivity. As there was (post Covid) and is still a shortage in manpower, the key is going to be to focus on the higher output per person and machine. This then also includes the improvement of employee health and safety in the production environment as there is still room for improvement. Not to forget the environmental compatibility and sustainability itself which is still a hot topic worldwide and is still a focus. A key priority will also be the constructive collaboration between machine tool builder, tool builder and coolant specialist. This means exchanging ideas and sharing expertise among the machining industry. The knowledge from industry experts and leaders is needed to move forward in regards to technology innovations and digitalization. Furthermore, there is a need on transparent data from machine shops and how to evaluate them to have a meaningful decision base.  


We see our contribution from Blaser Swisslube in the field of knowledge, expertise, and tailored services in the machining processes. For over four decades our key business is in the metalworking industry. We know that every customer situation is unique. That is why we do not sell our metalworking fluids off the shelf. By first determining each customer’s situation, we set the foundations for long-term successful cooperation. We examine the customer situation for potential improvements and help to fully realize them. In providing solutions and services the output can be multiplied in regards to increased machining quality, longer tool life, better overall efficiency. 

For this we have digital instruments like our own Liquidtool Analyzer that helps us to capture the machining process in detail and collecting the data in a transparent way. Our Analyzer is used worldwide and helps us to share knowledge globally. The well-balanced Blaser product range helps our customers win in regards to optimal machine compatibility, optimal cooling and lubrication, and long-term stability. Additionally, Blaser products are an industry leader in human and environmental compatibility. With our unique Research and Development facilities at our Head Office in Switzerland which occupy about 300 m2 of floor space we have the opportunity to test the latest metalworking fluids and recreate the versatile machining operations of our customers and partners in a realistic way. 

At present, research is carried out using four CNC milling machines and a state-of-the-art grinding machine. Latest High-precision measuring devices and sensors enable the data acquired to be interpreted correctly. Every customer gets after the Blaser coolant solution implementation an operator training in handling our metalworking fluids, support with monitoring plans and instructions, and additional tips in the correct handling of coolants. We will always be a reliable partner to ensure continued success. To provide dedicated support is important to us as well as to follow-up regularly to guarantee that the customer machining process always operate at peak performance. So therefore, we see us in helping customers win in 2023 and even longer and facing the challenges in front of us.

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