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Outlook 2024: Euromed underlines quality, science and innovation

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal Release Date:2024-01-16 967
Food & BeveragePersonal Care Ingredients/Formulation
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Q&A with Mr Andrea Zangara, Euromed Head of Scientific Communication & Medical Affairs

Founded in 1971 by the German pharmaceutical company MADAUS, EUROMED S.A. produces standardised herbal extracts and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of botanical origin for the international pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industry. In recent years, the company has witnessed stronger demand for its natural health ingredients. To put this in perspective, Euromed's Head of Scientific Communication & Medical Affairs, Mr Andrea Zangara, talks about current trends, the company’s latest products, as well as future plans and actions.


Mr Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication & Medical Affairs, Euromed


Looking back at 2023, what would you consider the highlights for your company in Asia Pacific?

It has been really busy. With regards to scientific updates, there are several studies currently underway. For instance, two clinical trials with Pomanox®, our pomegranate fruit extract, are focusing on its benefits for beauty and healthy ageing. The results will potentially have a huge impact on the Asian market, too. In addition, we showcased our recently launched new botanical extracts at Vitafoods Asia in Thailand: Spisar® and CuberUp®, derived from spinach and cucumber respectively, are known for their joint and muscle health benefits. These extracts are also proven to play an important role in active and healthy ageing.

Another highlight of 2023 was our renowned product, Wellemon®. A study involving the lemon extract was recently presented with the ‘Best Paper Award 2023’ – by the prestigious scientific journal ‘Antioxidants’ – for its ground-breaking research into the bioavailability and metabolic effects of Wellemon®. This water-soluble extract standardised with eriocitrin has proven to be a versatile and powerful ingredient, with immense potential and application possibilities for various health and wellness offerings, leveraging its superior bioavailability and the well-known properties of citrus flavonoids.


Was the market forecast for healthy ingredients accurate, especially for consumers in the APAC?

According to Innova Market Insights, the average annual growth of supplement launches in Asia was 31% between 2018 and 2022. So we expected health ingredients to be a key area of interest in APAC. Several factors have highlighted the importance of wellbeing through nutrition and, as a result, the desire for healthy ingredients. Here, the pandemic played a significant role, as it has heightened awareness of the need for good immune health. The rise of an informed, health-conscious middle class, notably in China, has further contributed to this trend. Another factor is the growth of the senior demographic – some of the world’s most rapidly ageing populations are in APAC. Our line of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Extracts™ targets common age-related issues and is the perfect match for foods and dietary supplements designed to support healthy ageing.


What consumer trends did/do you have to act on to meet market demand? 

Our botanical ingredients address many trends in APAC. The vast potential in the region presents significant opportunities, but health is uppermost in people’s minds in the thriving Asian market. In addition, Asian governments are pushing for healthier products on supermarket shelves. Functional products are enjoying fantastic growth, as is the market for functional food and beverage ingredients. Demand is being driven by the merging middle-class demographic, increasing rates of chronic illnesses, ageing populations and a growing interest in health and wellbeing.

Digestive health, in particular, is a major area of focus in Asia, both through increased consumer awareness and regulatory strides for probiotics. As science continues to discover more about how the microbiome influences so many aspects of our health, this segment of the market will no doubt grow. Botanical ingredients such as our Cynamed® artichoke extract help brands address the demand for more balanced microbiomes.

The ‘beauty from within’ trend will also continue to grow across all age groups, as younger consumers want to prevent signs of ageing, while seniors want to improve hydration, fine lines and wrinkles. This presents huge opportunities for our skin health-supporting ingredient Pomanox®.


For 2024, what can F&B manufacturers look forward to from Euromed in terms of innovation, concepts, or service? 

At Euromed, we are committed to quality, science and innovation. We are dedicated to providing botanical solutions that support individuals on their journey towards holistic wellness and optimal health. In 2024, we will continue to work on our line of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Extracts™ in order to provide premium botanical ingredients for healthy ageing and beauty, all of which are backed by sound scientific evidence.


In addition, Euromed has proactively engaged with the growing scientific interest in microbiome and gut health by initiating substantial support for academic research. This commitment is evident through the sponsorship of a PhD program and various master projects at esteemed universities in the UK. These research endeavors specifically investigate the impact of Euromed's Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Extracts™ on the microbiome, both in isolation and in combination. This investment ensures that the effects of these extracts will be thoroughly studied and substantiated through numerous published papers. Food and beverage manufacturers partnering with Euromed can be confident that these Mediterranean extracts will be supported by a wealth of scientific evidence for years to come, further validating their efficacy and benefits for consumers.

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