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PURITO sunscreen made based on customer surveys

Source:HINATURE Inc. Release Date:2023-01-13 873
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PURITO, a leading eco-friendly K-beauty brand by HINATURE Inc., is launching a new sunscreen based on chemical filters (SPF 50+ PA++++), which has been tested for its Sun Protection Factor and UVAPF by several testing institutions both in Korea and overseas. In addition to the high UV protection level, it contains five different types of ceramides that help strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from environmental stressors.


The sunscreen will come in upcycled sugarcane packaging, and a 100% PCR tube. It will be launched under the third “Create Me” project initiated on yearly basis by PURITO to allow the brand to create the product together with its customers.

white woman_Dmitry Ersler_Dreamstime - Copy.jpg

Photo © Dmitry Ersler | Dreamstime.com


The main features of the products, its core ingredients, texture, finish, and whether it will be fragranced or not were determined through a consumer survey with the help of more than 6000 participants. The package design and the name of the product were selected by the voting system conducted on the official social media channels of the brand.


Ensuring the product reflects the customers’ needs, PURITO is in the final steps of developing the sunscreen with a silky texture and non-oily finish, that does not cause an eye-stinging sensation and does not leave a white cast on the skin. The new sunscreen will have a lightweight texture that will allow smooth application and quick absorption into the skin.


This product is recommended for all skin types, including oily and combination.

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