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Portal traces plastic product life cycle

Source:PlasticFinder Press Office     Date:2022-07-29
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There are no more secrets for sustainability. The web portal that retraces and easily shows the flows of recycled plastic materials has been launched. After the QR Code label, comes the website that makes the history of plastic materials available to everyone, thanks to the immutable register of the blockchain technology.


www.certifiedrecycledplastic.com is now online and fully operational. It is a digital protocol that facilitates compliance with Italian and European regulations regulating the plastic recycling chain. Thanks to this advanced technology, it is finally possible to trace the entire product life cycle; from the waste collected and selected, to the final product obtained from recycled plastic. 


“At the moment, more than two thousand tons of recycled plastic have been traced. – says Riccardo Parrini, one of the creators of this technology along with Stefano Chiaramondia - This means that the plastic material that will reenter the market will have a sort of digital product passport, readable thanks to a QR code, which will guarantee its everlasting traceability”.


certified-recycled- web.jpg

Why is this technology needed? An increasing number of companies are using self-declared labels and claims attesting to the specific percentage of recycled material contained in their products. Unfortunately, many of these companies communicate distorted data that cannot be verified, whereas the most virtuous businesses often do not even have access to the right data. When it comes to self-declared environmental claims, the assurance of reliability is essential. Without proper verifiability of these declarations, the risk of being suspected of greenwashing practices is high, with harmful consequences for the brand's reputation and image.


How many times have we read on a plastic bottle’s label: Made from 50% recycled materials? And yet, who can guarantee that this information is actually truthful? Therefore, a technology that guarantees transparency, immutability, and free access to encoded data is required. This role of a ‘virtual notary’ can be played extraordinarily effectively by the blockchain, a technology that still had to be enabled in this field.


Certified Recycled Plastic® is currently the only provider able to guarantee recycled plastic's physical, contractual, logistical, financial, environmental and IT traceability. This service is now consolidated and strengthened by the presence of a single web portal that is at the center of the entire project of traceability of recycled plastic through Amazon’s blockchain. One of the most relevant characteristics is its full accessibility: any company, anywhere in the world, at any level of the plastic recycling chain, can use Certified Recycled Plastic® to trace every single batch of plastic material.


The PlasticTax coming in 2023 or the tax credits granted to companies that work with products with a high rate of recyclability, show why the world of recycled plastic needs a safe system like Certified Recycled Plastic® that relies on the transcription system of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database. 

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