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Rosti and Demag team up to welcome the golden age of medical industry

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-04-23
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High-standard injection moulding machine, as an innovative production equipment, is playing an important role in various areas of plastics processing, such as in automotive, packaging and medical industries. Integrated with additional features, an injection moulding system can go beyond traditional functions to offer more advantages. Demag and Rosti, two companies that have been working together for 20 years after they came to China, have become a powerhouse team in the injection moulding industry.


At the recently concluded Chinaplas 2021, the participation of injection moulding machines manufacturers was one of the main attractions. At the exhibition, Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. (Demag Ningbo), together with its premium customer, Rosti, presented their joint global industry advantages and the latest technological achievements in the fields of medical, packaging, automotive, and 3C.


What is so unique about Demag that its booth was always filled with visitors during the four-day event? Ringier Industrial Media had the chance to talk to Pietro Scattarreggia, CEO of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., and Patrick Williams, Senior Vice President of Rosti Asia, to learn how their team up has resulted in breakthrough injection moulding solutions for the medical industry. 


Medical: A fast-growing business sector

Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo SHI Demag Germany. In 1998, it set up its factory in Ningbo and became the first European injection moulding brand to enter and set up factory in the Chinese market. After two decades, Demag has become one of the most successful companies in the localization of injection moulding machine industry, and its business focus has adjusted along with the developments in the market, from focusing on automotive, packaging and consumer electronics in four or five years ago to the simultaneous development of medical, packaging, automotive and consumer electronics. Demag has been able to keep up and meet the needs of the Chinese market.


In 2020, Demag nearly doubled its market share and sales in the medical industry. “There are two reasons why we can do this, one was the COVID-19 epidemic situation that has led to a higher demand of medical products, especially for IVD, drug delivery and testing devices, and the other reason was the development and launch of high-standard injection moulding machine for medical uses.” said Pietro Scattarreggia.


As one of Demag's premium customers, Rosti has also experienced a lot in the past year. “2020 is a very tough year, obviously with the COVID-19 testing,” said Patrick Williams, “But because of our strategy in medical and life science, we won a big diagnostic award and launched a new COVID-19 testing product at the beginning of this year. With the contract awarded to us and the support from Demag, our business has grown significantly in 2020. Even though we have some downturn in few segments, the medical segment has seen a significant growth.”

Demag web.jpg

Patrick Williams (left), Senior Vice President of Rosti Asia, and 

Pietro Scattarreggia (right), CEO of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.


Close cooperation and loyalty keep the partnership strong

Rosti is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year in China and reflecting on this, the company has built a strong partnership with Demag for 20 years.


Looking back on these two decades, Mr. Williams said, “Apart from technology and innovation, the bond between these two companies is very important. The relationship between Demag and Rosti goes back in the last 20 years. I think for me, the biggest differentiator has been few elements. I call it intimacy relationship. Over the last 20 years, we have never stopped connecting, and now the tree has grown up. For me, that is the key element of the relationship.”


It seems that the two have been in consonance with each other. When Rosti plans to launch some new products, it needs some high-standard medical injection moulding machines, packaging injection moulding machines or other special machines, and Demag can always provide a good set of options for Rosti to choose from.


The medical industry was in short supply of critical products last year, and Demag was still able to deliver three Systec 280C Med medical injection moulding machines to Rosti on time, and with quality and performance exceeding the company’s expectations. Rosti calls it intimate relationship, Demag calls it loyalty.


Mr. Scattarreggia explained the core values of Demag: “Besides our good and high performing machines, we have many other features and values that we provide to our customers, especially to Rosti. When you deliver so many machines like we did to Rosti in the last 20 years, so many things can happen. Sometimes we have rainy days, then you have to find solutions on how to overcome these difficult situations. At the end of the day, the sun will rise again, so it is important to support your customers even when facing some difficulties.


No matter what happens, Demag has always been there for its customers. Mr. Scattarreggia, who has served the injection moulding industry for many years, gave his opinion on this: “Intimacy and loyalty only can happen after you have overcome some difficult experiences together. In the 20 years of relationship, it is like marriage. We have many things, many ups and downs. Of course, technology and quality must be on the high level and also reliable. But in the end, it’s all about trust. If you have some issues, you have to solve them together. If you have no issues, it's even better, then you can celebrate partnership. This is what we give to Rosti.”


Optimistic prospect: innovating for a bright future 

For Rosti, it is very important to look into the future of a business. Mr. Williams explained that Rosti has decided to develop the high-end market in the future when it entered the Chinese market. "For 20 years, we have always adhered to this positioning and continued to expand the production capacity of our Chinese factories."


The Chinese government has been actively promoting China's manufacturing technology. Within these developments, Rosti must do the same to encourage technological innovation. “For Rosti, the future is all about technology and innovation. We want to become bigger in the medical market, and we have successfully improved our operations in that area. We will direct some of our manual operations to Southeast Asia in Malaysia, and we will focus on innovative technology development in China,” Mr. Williams said.


Mr. Williams mentioned the word “Technovation”, which refers to bringing technology to the market and applying innovative solutions to meet current demand. A typical example for that is 3D printing. 3D printing is not a new technology, it been there for decades. What Rosti has done is to apply it by 3D printing tools, so 3D printed tool is now an innovative solution being offered to Rosti’s customers.


Innovation is a significant activity and in the cycle of rapid economic development, the value of innovation can be infinitely magnified. However, during economic setback, it has been proven that only innovations meeting the needs of customers can grow and accepted by the market.


In the case of Demag, its Systec C MED injection moulding machine for medical products manufacturing exhibited at Chinaplas 2021 is an innovative technology truly needed by customers.


The medical industry implements strict regulatory requirements on the production environment, equipment design, and production process. It also imposes special requirements on the use and daily maintenance of production equipment that are different from other industries. The level and design requirements of the clean room, and the factors affecting clean production are all practical problems faced by every enterprise. As a key production injection moulding machine for medical products manufacturing, Systec C MED can actively create and implement designs to meet the basic typical GMP requirements, or even other non-essential GMP requirements. This machine has been a great support to the medical sector in meeting the challenges of today's healthcare industry.


Systec C MED is a model developed by the team led by Pietro Scattarreggia after he officially took office in China in 2019. This model has a lot of highlights with the experience of serving medical users in Europe for many years. “For example, the movable plate production area is covered with stainless steel, including integrated media supply cabinet beside mould area. Why is that? Because the biggest challenge for all manufacturers who produce medical parts is to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment. We have to make sure that the final product is clean in order to reduce the risks for final end users. With stainless steel, it is much easier to trace contamination, and it is much easier to keep this area clean. The special layout is intended for fast cleaning and easy maintenance,” Mr. Scattarreggia explained.


In addition to that, Systec C MED is equipped with a special easy-to-clean paint. According to Mr. Scattarreggia: “If any human in the cleanroom touches the paint, the germ will die after a few hours.”


"Customers' need is the biggest deal!” And for Demag, no matter how the downstream demand changes, the company will always insist on innovating to respond to customers’ requirements. 

As demand in the Chinese market is growing continuously, and with every industry player being given the opportunity to be creative and innovate, it is expected that the injection molding machine market will continue to play a critical role in fast-growing industries. 

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