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SI group announces strategic partnership with Dingjide in China

Source:SI Group Release Date:2024-02-22 343
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Through the strategic partnership, Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. will manufacture certain SI Group products in China as a co-producer.


SI Group announced a long-term supply partnership with Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Dingjide), a Chinese-based manufacturer of additives and other specialty chemicals. Through this partnership, Dingjide will manufacture certain SI Group products in China as a co-producer. As a result of the supply agreement, SI Group will cease manufacturing operations at its Jinshan, China manufacturing facility and list the property and associated legal entity for sale.


Under the terms of the agreement, SI Group will continue to offer these products to customers in China and will distribute and sell these materials outside of China. SI Group will seek to relocate its research and development facilities currently located in Jinshan and will continue to operate its remaining offices and manufacturing facility in China. “By partnering with Dingjide, SI Group is able to focus on establishing global performance additives leadership through its global sales and marketing reach and investments in innovation, while optimizing our footprint and variablizing our cost structure,” said Joey Gullion, SVP Chief Commercial Officer at SI Group.


SI Group continues to make progress toward the vision of being the global performance additives powerhouse and sees this partnership as a significant step in that journey. “SI Group has a long history of providing quality products to industries worldwide. As part of our business strategy, we continually seek new ways to realize quality growth in Asia Pacific and globally,” said David Bradley, President and CEO at SI Group. “In addition to our high-quality standards and excellent service, this local supply point through our agreement with Dingjide reinforces our position as a main antioxidant supplier of choice for our customers.”


Dingjide will uphold SI Group’s high quality product standards with production at its modern manufacturing facility. “We’re very pleased to enter into a long-term strategic agreement with SI Group. By partnering with SI Group, an international leader in additives, Dingjide will leverage its world-class quality and production capabilities to support antioxidant growth in the global marketplace," said Mr. Zaiming Zhang, Chairman of Board of Directors, Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical.


SI Group’s Jinshan, China manufacturing facility is expected to cease manufacturing operations on July 31, 2024. The company will list the site for sale and seek a buyer immediately.

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