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Sandvik Coromant celebrates product launch with Okuma

Source:Sandvik Coromant Release Date:2023-02-02 1046
Industrial MetalworkingMetalworkingMetal Cutting Machine Tools
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To celebrate its latest product and technology launch, metal cutting leader Sandvik Coromant has hosted a joint event with Thailand's largest machine tool manufacturer, Okuma.

SAP133 - Sandvik Coromant host event with Okuma in Thailand - Image 1.JPG

Sandvik Coromant hosts customer event with Okuma in Bangkok, Thailand 

To celebrate its latest product and technology launch, metal cutting leader Sandvik Coromant has hosted a joint event with Thailand’s largest machine tool manufacturer, Okuma. The event took place at Okuma’s facility in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2022 and invited customers and partners of Sandvik Coromant to learn more about how several of its new and upgraded tooling solutions, including CoroMill® Dura end mills and CoroMill® MH20, will improve machining efficiency and productivity.

Twice a year, Sandvik Coromant launches new products and tooling solutions, which are updated to meet the latest industry standards and technology developments. To conclude its 2022 launches, the company hosted a customer event to demonstrate the features and benefits of its latest additions. This includes CoroMill® Dura, which replaces the existing CoroMill® Plura end mills, the new CoroTurn® Prime B-type inserts with four cutting edges for roughing and finishing and the CoroMill® MH20 for milling cavities, or pockets, in ISO S, M and P materials.

The event also included presentations from Sandvik Coromant about CoroCut® internal coolant parting and grooving tools and the CoroMill® MF80 face milling cutter — in addition to live demonstrations of Sandvik Coromant’s tools being tested in Okuma’s machines.

Attending the event from Sandvik Coromant was Sunya Ratsamee, Regional Sales Manager for Thailand along with various product and application specialists, all of whom were available to offer practical support and answer questions. For Sandvik Coromant, events like this help to ensure that its customers are also updated with all the information they need to effectively use the new tools and solutions that the company launches.

“The new innovations and technology from our latest launch aim to help our customers improve machining efficiency, increase productivity and ultimately, save cost,” said Sunya Ratsamee, Regional Sales Manager for Thailand at Sandvik Coromant.

“It’s important for Sandvik Coromant to ensure its customers understand how to use our products and achieve the maximum potential from their application. Being fluent in how to operate our products, reduces the likelihood of failures, allowing users to focus on what’s important. It really is a knock-on effect,” said Sunya Ratasmee.

“We go further than just providing products, and ensure our customers are trained in product use and product specifications. Sandvik Coromant believes in continued collaboration with its customers and events like this with Okuma are pivotal in nurturing this.”

SAP133 - Sandvik Coromant host event with Okuma in Thailand - Image 2.JPG

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