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Schneider Electric, Inchcape to provide one-stop total eMobility solutions

Source:Schneider Electric     Date:2022-05-06
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Schneider Electric announced today a strategic partnership with Inchcape, world's leading international vehicle services groups, to launch a portfolio of one-stop total eMobility solutions for EVs. Jonathan Chiu, President, Schneider Electric Hong Kong (right), and Ted Lau, Managing Director of Greater China of Inchcape (left), came together in a signing ceremony to seal the collaboration.

Schneider Electric, a provider of digital transformation, announced a strategic partnership with Inchcape, world's leading international vehicle services groups, to launch a portfolio of one-stop total eMobility solutions for EVs.

The rapid transition to zero emission vehicles is vital to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. That transition is accelerating, especially in Hong Kong where in March 2022, EVs represented about 3.4% of the total number of vehicles.

Supporting the HKSAR government's EV popularization initiative and the Home Subsidy Scheme, the company has planned to install around 3,000 EV chargers in nearly 90 locations by the end of the year. This will pave the way to achieving its goal of installing more than 15,000 EV chargers by 2025.

"As an impact company, Schneider Electric is dedicated to helping customers, partners and communities around the world to make positive, long-term changes. We are proud to partner with Inchcape to contribute to the global electrification and decarbonization of transport and help Hong Kong achieve its ambition of reaching net-zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2050," said Jonathan Chiu, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong.

Strategic Collaboration with Inchcape

Sharing the same vision for an efficient and sustainable future for electric mobility, Schneider Electric has formed a strategic partnership with Inchcape to provide car park operators, facilities managers, as well as private EV drivers with an integrated EV solution, including electric cars, seamless charging and comprehensive services.

"This collaboration is an important step in popularizing EVs and supporting the growth of sustainable mobility across Hong Kong. Combining our advanced EV charging technology with Inchcape's extensive business network, we will accelerate the development of smart, end-to-end solutions and transform the entire electric mobility ecosystem," said Chiu.

This year, Schneider Electric has planned to launch two new EV chargers, EVlink Pro AC (left) and EVlink Home (right). The advanced connectivity and smart charging of EVlink Pro AC enable remote monitoring and control, and optimize energy consumption; while EVlink Home is a simple and easy to install charger for homeowners, minimizing any risk of power supply disruptions.

Ted Lau, Managing Director of Greater China of Inchcape said, "The country's 14th Five-Year Plan stipulates that carbon neutrality is a priority development direction, leading to the growth of new energy vehicle as a strategic, new product industry. In Hong Kong's Roadmap on Popularization of Electric Vehicles, the HKSAR Government has also committed to driving EV development, with a forecast of 150,000 units of charging devices built in private commercial or residential parking spaces and another 5,000 units in public charging facilities by 2025. Consistent with the Government's goal to build more charging facilities to address a pain-point in the development of the current EV market, Inchcape is collaborating with Schneider Electric to provide drivers with more charging facilities and solutions."

EcoStruxure for eMobility for an efficient, resilient and sustainable all-electric mobility

The electrification of transportation is critical in the journey to a net-zero future. Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure for eMobility is a connected, end-to-end solution that is easy to install, maintains power reliability in car parks and buildings, and provides a convenient experience for operators and EV drivers.

This year, the company plans to launch two innovative new EV chargers for eMobility, catering different users' needs:

EVlink Pro AC for landlords, car park operators, and facility managers:

- Advanced connectivity enables remote monitoring and control and supports third party payment systems

- Smart charging optimizes energy consumption and maximizes uptime and efficiency

- Modular and scalable design allows flexibility for operators to add EV chargers whenever needed

EVlink Home for homeowners:

- Accessible and interoperable with all EVs on the market

- Robust design (waterproof and impact resistant) is suitable for outdoor and indoor use

- Optional Peak Controller minimizes the risk of power supply disruptions

The new EV chargers are Green Premium certified, which promises compliance with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental impacts, as well as minimizing CO2 footprint.

Beyond EV chargers, landlords, car park operators, and facility managers are also looking for ways to improve energy management and reshape EV charging infrastructure to accommodate increased electricity demands. Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert, a charging load management system, enables property owners or operators to efficiently monitor and control EV infrastructure and smartly distribute real-time available power to charging stations within their building.

Aspiring to a future of net-zero eMobility, these capabilities are all part of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure for eMobility, which offers a complete, end-to-end integrated ecosystem of hardware, software and services. They help owners, individuals, and stakeholders involved in public and private eMobility infrastructure projects to make them resilient, efficient and green to support future demand and address the challenges posed by climate change.


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