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Sinnblick care routines with six innovative products

Source:Sinnblick GmbH Release Date:2023-11-13 155
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Sinnblick GmbH offers a holistic care routine consisting of six products that will

Surveys repeatedly ask the question of how much women in particular spend on fashion and beauty every month. Of particular interest here are expenditures on cosmetics and skin care products, which account for a significant proportion of total expenditure across all age groups. In exemplary studies1, around a quarter of those surveyed stated that they invest between 20 and 50 euros per month in individual skin care. More than 20 percent pay between 50 and 100 euros for cosmetics and at least 6 percent dig deeper into their pockets and pay 200 euros or more for a fresh, young and healthy appearance. It is hardly surprising that the cosmetics industry is constantly trying to take advantage of this willingness to invest with new products and promises of effectiveness.


A look into any bathroom cabinet reveals another reason why consumers engage so intensively with the variety of products and spend a lot of money: In many cases, care products remain unused sooner rather than later after they are purchased. Spontaneous purchases, products that didn't immediately deliver what the manufacturer's advertising promised or, in the worst case, even couldn't be tolerated - creams, lotions, serums and oils are often not thrown away after just a few uses simply because they cost a lot of money. They are often stored unused at least until new products take up their space.


“Many cosmetics cabinets are literally bursting at the seams, even though most of the products are not used at all,” says Thomas, founder of the Sinnblick cosmetics brand. “This experience motivated us to develop a holistic care routine that frees women forever from the ongoing vicious circle of searching for one brand and realizing that once again they haven’t found it.” As a result of committed product development with a focusing on intensive communication with users of the product samples, Sinnblick today presents a holistic care routine consisting of six products:

  • the protective, calming and nourishing balancing toner with hyluron, licorice root and aloe vera


  • Detox Vital, a cleansing and detoxifying anti-aging premium oil with matcha, green tea, sesame oil and other natural active ingredients


  • the moisturizing Hyaluronic Effective Booster Serum with skin-firming and calming effects


  • the vitamin C booster serum for the anti-inflammatory and soothing reduction of skin pigments, with vitamin C, allantoin and green tea


  • the protective and moisturizing Calming Premium Cream with hyaluronic acid, almond oil and probiotic active ingredients


  • the Hydration Premiu-Cream , a skin-firming, moisturizing and revitalizing cream with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and ectoin


In the recipes developed by users for users, Sinnblick combines proven natural ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado, almond and sesame oil, green tea, matcha or licorice root with innovative ingredients such as the effective moisturizer 3D hyaluronic acid. By combining the individual products with each other and the optimally coordinated ingredients, Sinnblick offers six products, a comprehensive and noticeably effective care routine that covers the entire spectrum of individual needs. The development and production of Sinnblick care products takes place entirely in Germany.


“Our goal is to become the most effective beauty brand in the world,” says Thomas, describing the ambitious goals of the young brand. “We rely on the noticeable effect of valuable ingredients and a modern concept of innovative products.”


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Beauty Impact Report 2022

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