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Tasty, healthy, and unique - the winning formula for food and drink

Source:GlobalData Release Date:2024-02-13 206
Food & Beverage Industry UpdatesHealth & NutritionIngredients
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APAC consumers’ reluctance to forego taste for fortified benefits is what shapes innovation in food and drinks, according to GlobalData.

There is an ongoing and undeniable shift in how consumers perceive the quality of a product as they attach greater value to consumption experiences, even while looking to make healthier choices when it comes to the food and drinks they buy. This highlights the need for brands to diversify flavour and texture attributes to create indulgent experiences while ensuring products meet the health quotient, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.


Parthasaradhi Reddy, Consumer Lead Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Health remains a vital influencer of the purchase decisions made by Asian shoppers when it comes to food and drinks. But so is the desire to experiment with new and unique flavours, suggesting consumer unwillingness to compromise on taste in favor of health benefits. A recent GlobalData survey corroborates this trend, where 62% of Asian respondents stated they are always/often influenced by how the product impacts their health*, while 56% admitted they feel similarly about how unique a product is*."


Tim Hill, Key Account Director, GlobalData Singapore, adds: “Fortification has been documented to enhance the density of micronutrients in the food and beverage to which they are added and is touted to be more beneficial than supplementation. Studies have indicated that fortification improves the nutritional quotient of a food or beverage, thereby increasing the health benefits for consumers. However, this approach is known to impact the taste and mouthfeel of a product, making it unpalatable for consumers who prioritise sensory experiences just as much as they do health attributes. As many as 31% of Asians surveyed admitted that they are always influenced by the health labeling on the pack, while a quarter of them also consider novelty to be essential when making purchase decisions**.”


Reddy continues: “The demand for health and wellness goes beyond conventional supplements as consumers increasingly look for added benefits and ingredients for improved health in the food/drinks they purchase while being steadfast about their taste preference.”


Hill notes: “Manufacturers are responding to this trend by combining unique flavours to create indulgent experiences while simultaneously communicating the fortified benefits. For instance, House of Veda in India released seven different tea variants, each of which claims to comprise unusual ingredient combinations that satiate the desire for novelty as well as demand for added health benefits such as easing anxiety, supporting digestion, or boosting immunity. Similarly, Carolines - Apple Cider Vinegar Drink – Yuzu, launched in Singapore, is touted to be a “super powered lemonade”, containing live pro and prebiotics. Moreover, it is claimed to be low in calories, free from sugar, and vegan, making it an ideal blend of taste and functional attributes.”


Reddy concludes: “Consumers also often associate high-quality ingredients with a product’s health quotient, opening up massive opportunities for innovation in the fortified ingredient space. Growing affordability and the desire to live more healthy lifestyles will continue to drive consumer inclination for fortified nutritional food and drinks among young, experimental Asians. This will drive manufacturers to focus on research to develop products that successfully combine taste with fortification, adding to growth opportunities in the market for food and beverages with added benefits.”


*GlobalData 2023 Q4 Consumer Survey – Asia & Australasia, published in December 2023, 6000 respondents 

**GlobalData 2023 Q2 Consumer Survey – Asia & Australasia, published in August 2023, 6000 respondents

Thumbnail photo: Andrey_Ezhov I Dreamstime.com

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