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The whole world of metalworking right on your doorstep

Source:ESA Eppinger GmbH     Date:2022-08-11
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Under the motto “System solutions around the machine tool”, the Eppinger Group presents itself at the AMB in Stuttgart from September 13 to 17, 2022. The highlight at the international exhibition for metalworking will be the innovative QUICKLOCK tool clamping system. It allows tool holders (BMT) to be clamped and released automatically in just a few seconds at the touch of a button. The Denkendorf-based company will also be showing its innovative tool holders and tool systems as well as rotary tables specially designed for precision machining on milling or grinding machines at its booth.

AMB is one of the most important national trade fairs with international appeal. Over 100 exhibiting companies from the metalworking industry will showcase proven know-how as well as plenty of innovations during five days of the trade show. “For us as a manufacturing specialist, AMB right on our doorstep is one of the most important events of all”, emphasises the Managing Director Uwe Eppinger. “Here we can showcase all of our expertise, both our nearly 100 years of experience in precision tooling for lathes and our role as a leader in the design and manufacture of tool holders for CNC turning and milling centres.”


Quicklock - the highlight at the trade fair stand of the Denkendorf tool specialists. According to the manufacturer, a push of a button is all it takes for QUICKLOCK to clamp or release the BMT tool holder in less than four seconds.

Tool change in less than four seconds

The highlight at the booth of the Denkendorf-based tool specialists will be the innovative QUICKLOCK tool clamping system. While the previous Fastlock changeover clamping system was already optimised in terms of setup time, with QUICKLOCK the tool change is now automated throughout and takes just a few seconds. According to the manufacturer, a push of a button is all it takes for QUICKLOCK to clamp or release the BMT tool holder in less than four seconds. As an optional 4.0 adaptation, the clamping system can also be operated by means of an industrial robot and the tool turret can thus be loaded fully automatically. Until now, several minutes have been needed for such a tool change, including loosening the screws and tightening them again with the torque wrench. With the previous approach, process reliability was not optimally guaranteed. “The setup time savings are enormous, so the innovative tool clamping system can be amortised after a very short time”, emphasizes Managing Director Uwe Eppinger.

In addition to the new BMT tool clamping system QUICKLOCK, Eppinger will show a selection of fixed and driven tool holders, the tool changing systems PRECI-FLEX®, PRECI-FLEX® T, DECOFLEX® and Eppinger PSC as well as tool holders that allow various special machining operations.

Moreover, the Denkendorf-based company will be exhibiting its newly developed CNC rotary tables. These can position quickly and precisely and are built extremely compact. Its integrated closed-loop sensor system with dual drive allows high-precision positioning. This allows high and lasting accuracy even in hard roughing operation. The rotary tables can be used both as original equipment and for retrofitting vertical and horizontal machine tools.

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