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Trends that are changing the blown film industry

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-03-30
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The blown film extrusion industry is undergoing rapid changes in recent years due to the changing demands of the various industries. As a result, the machines for blown film extrusion being developed are geared to adapt to the requirements for efficient, sustainable and high volume production.


These are the five trends that every manufacturer must take into account when producing or acquiring a new machine. These trends are increasingly becoming relevant in the next few years, and Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been meeting them:


Trend 1: The food and beverage packaging market is evolving and striving to meet the special needs of this dynamic market. 

Due to the evolving requirements of the food and beverage packaging market, more companies require machines that produce films capable of providing suitable oxygen barrier films to meet the high safety standard to prolong the freshness of food. An example of this is the need for a special film for the packaging of frozen meat down to -40 ° C, as well as seafood and cookies packaging.


Today, the rise in fresh meat and seafood trade is taking place worldwide, thanks to the export agreements signed by countries that allow the sale and shipment of meat products to various countries. This entails higher demand for safer but tough packaging that Kung Hsing machines can very well provide.


Trend 2: Increased productivity through automation

Machine automation is essential if you want to generate a production capacity aligned to the requests of your customers. Automation can speed up the whole production process, while providing cost reduction options to customers.


In this aspect, Kung Hsing offers machines that ensure high production rate due to their automation. For years, the company has been dedicated to improving these extrusion equipment and - compared to other extruders - the result was a 30% increase in production. Kung Hsing managed to increase production capacity while keeping energy consumption at the same level. Besides energy efficiency, performance in terms of speed is the best characteristic of the Kung Hsing multilayer film coextrusion machines.

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Trend 3: Film production lines for processing biodegradable materials

Biodegradable film extrusion lines that can handle more environment-friendly materials, such as those based on cornstarch or biodegradable polymers, are gaining more relevance in the industry.


However, it is important to note that there are still challenges waiting to be solved, for example, reducing the price of technology and improving biodegradable plastic films. In this aspect, Kung Hsing has been providing production systems that are able to process biodegradable materials, thus adhering to the principle of a circular economy.


Trend 4: In-house manufacturing of molds

This is another factor that some machine design companies are increasingly taking into account. To meet the highest quality requirements, Kung Hsing manufactures its own mold heads, while a number of parts and components are made in-house to ensure stable supply. 


Based on this principle, Kung Hsing has been able to modify and redefine the performance of its machines in terms of energy savings and automation.


Trend 5: Internationalization of the product portfolio

The high quality of extruders from non-European countries such as Taiwan, China, or Vietnam that are now associated with superior quality standards demonstrates a growth in the blown film extrusion market and a move towards cheaper and more efficient alternatives.


In recent years, Kung Hsing noted that many customers, who in the past only bought European machinery, have started to use Kung Hsing equipment and that is a very important milestone for the company because it indicates that it has successfully overcome the bias of the quality of machinery, associated with the country where it is produced. Thus, Taiwan-based Kung Hsing is now able to offer high-quality extrusion systems to customers around the world.

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State-of-the-art extrusion lines

 As a leading producer of blown film extrusion lines, Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery, Ltd offers complete 3-layer to 7-layer systems for processing HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, mPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH.


Its latest model in the blown film segment is the KS-ML-5-55-55-55-55-55, a five-layer coextrusion blown film line that allows the production of film with a maximum laminating width of 1400 mm and it has a die of Ø300 mm of high performance for a maximum production of 600 kg / h.


The machine also includes a 19 "color touch screen computer monitoring system that is integrated together with 3-in-1 winders with 7.5" color touch screen space / surface / contact unit.


The machine is also equipped with a Doteco gravimetric batch mixer and K-Design high setting automatic air ring with 360 degree reverse ring capacity type K-Design thickness profile measurement, as well as the Dr system. Joseph IBC and the Vetaphone corona surface treatment.


According to the company, the blown film line is ideal for the production of barrier film, laminated film, VCI film, food packaging film, industrial packaging film, FFS, heat shrink film and agricultural film.


Kung Hsing has been increasing its market share in Southeast Asia in recent years where it aims to expand by meeting the requirements of its target customers in the region. 


For more information on Kung Hsing and its products, visit: https://www.kunghsing.com.tw/




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