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Waterjet cutting machines market to grow by US$432.08M by 2027

Source: Release Date:2024-01-29 209
MetalworkingSpecialty Processing (Laser Processing, EDM, Plasma Arc Processing, ECM) Analysis & ReportsIndustry Updates
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The need for high accuracy and efficiency to cut exotic materials is a key factor driving market growth- Technavio



The waterjet cutting machines market is set to grow by USD 432.08 million between 2022 and 2027 and register a CAGR of 6.52%, according to Technavio's latest market research report estimates. This report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, the latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The report is segmented by Application, End-user, and Geography.  The waterjet cutting machines market is fragmented, and the degree of fragmentation will accelerate. The increasing focus on automating the metal cutting process will offer immense growth opportunities. However, the High initial cost of implementation will hamper the market growth.


An Innovative International Ltd., AAG INC., Dardi International Corp., ESAB Corp., Foshan Yongshengda Machinery Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Sino Achieve Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd., Hornet Cutting Systems, Hypertherm Inc., Jet Edge Inc., Koike Aronson Inc., Leading Edge Cutting Solutions Inc., Metronics Technologies SLU, Optomec Inc., Resato International BV, SCM GROUP Spa, Shape Technologies Group Inc., Shenyang AUTOFU Technology Co. Ltd., STM waterjet GmbH, Sugino Machine Ltd., and Waterjet Corporation s.r.l. are some of the major market participants.


The Waterjet Cutting Machines Market is propelled by the growing demand for precision cutting technology in various industries such as aerospace component manufacturing, automotive parts fabrication, metal cutting, and more. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting and Pure Waterjet Cutting methods, driven by high-pressure pumps, CNC control systems, and advanced technologies like 3D Waterjet Cutting, offer unparalleled cutting accuracy and versatility across materials like glass, stone, and composites. Market trends emphasize the adoption of Multi-Axis Cutting Heads, Water Recycling Systems, and Robotic Waterjet Solutions, while compliance with industry standards and environmental impact considerations further contribute to the market's evolution. Custom configurations, maintenance services, and waterjet safety equipment ensure a comprehensive solution for diverse applications.

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