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Why printing on cables, wires and tubes requires a specialist

Source:LEIBINGER Release Date:2024-02-20 601
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Printing on wires and tubes is a small but essential part of production – and it takes specialist skills. Here’s why.

People who know the  challenges facing the wire & tube industries, who understand the emerging  technology and customer preferences, and have identified what it takes to  succeed in this competitive world.



But you will only find one specialist wire and tube printer: LEIBINGER.


Printing on wires and tubes is a small but essential part of production – and it takes specialist skills. Here’s why.


Printers need to work fast. Very fast. We don’t need to tell you that wire and tube manufacturing processes work at high speed. But you may not know that many printers can’t keep up with those speeds. As a specialist, LEIBINGER offers printers like the JET Rapid Wire that can print up to a kilometer of wire every minute.


Wires & tubes are difficult to print on.


The print area is small. And convex. And sometimes at a high temperature straight out the extrusion unit. What’s more, dark surfaces require a special kind of opaque pigmented ink to make text readable and compliant. But these are the constraints that LEIBINGER is used to and our printers deal with every day.


Wire and tube manufacturers need reliability Every meter of wire or tube needs to be perfect – and perfectly printed. LEIBINGER is renowned for its reliability and build quality, which ensures every wire or tube you produce is compliant with all marking regulations.

You need to avoid downtime

Many printers get clogged when ink dries – which means your production line has to stop for cleaning. LEIBINGER’s unique printhead technology prevents air from getting to the ink when not in use. No clogging, no expensive downtime. One customer told us they used to spend 2-3 hours a day cleaning printers. Now they use LEIBINGER – and spend all day making cables.


You need to increase sustainability and decrease costs Wire & tube manufacturers are under pressure to be both leaner and greener. Which is why LEIBINGER printers use less solvent and less power. To make you more sustainable and keep your costs down. LEIBINGER build quality also means zero maintenance costs for five years – with the latest printer IQJET.


Meet us in Hall 9 at Booth F55 Why not come and talk print with LEIBINGER in Düsseldorf? We know all about the wire and tube industry – but if we don’t know you yet, we would very much like to meet.


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