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YE I: Improving the efficiency of plastics production

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-04-29
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The plastics industry is at a crossroads as it strives to respond to the popular call for environment-friendly production solutions. Sustainability has become a primary goal that it is no surprise that the circular economy concept has been accepted by the plastics industry. Thus, the target of closing the loop has involved the reduction of plastic waste through proper recycling and using recycled materials to produce new and usable products. 


Another aspect is the focus on energy-saving and flexible production where the main targets are to ensure high-performance and reliable production at less energy consumption – all aimed at reducing production costs. Playing a significant role in the quest to implement environment-friendly solutions and cost-efficient operations in plastics production are the producers of plastics machinery. 

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Global expertise in plastics machinery

As a pioneer in the plastics machinery sector in Taiwan, YE I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has a long history and expertise in providing the right solutions for plastics production. The YE I Factory was established in 1960, and was officially renamed YE I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. several years later. Its expertise in developing plastics machinery has solidified over the years as it becomes more involved in responding to customers’ requirements.


YE I's business focus ranges from designing and manufacturing a wide variety of plastic recycling machines, blown film machines, sheet extrusion lines, plastic extrusion lines, cast film extrusion lines, extrusion plants for pipe and profile,” according to David Huang, Sales Manager at YE I. These machines serve not only the domestic markets, as they have already reached the international markets where they compete with foreign brands in terms of price, performance and after-sales services.


YE I has been engaged in the extrusion industry for 60 years. Combining its own design capabilities and production experience, the company purchased deep hole drilling machines and five-axis processing machines from Switzerland, Japan and Germany to be able to manufacture the machinery parts and components in-house such as screw, barrel, air ring, die head, filter, etc., to ensure the overall quality and stable operations of the machines the company produces. About 200 sets of extrusion equipment are sold every year.


As Mr. Huang explains: “Over the past 60 years, the collaborative support rendered by our customers around the world, and the continuous endeavors of the company employees have built an outstanding reputation for our company worldwide. In order to revolutionize our products, improve production processes, and promote efficiency, we have invested in the installation of precision machining equipment. All these efforts provide a solid foundation for YE I to step forward as a world-class enterprise structure.”


The development process for YE I has been long and hard, but the company has been keeping up with global technological trends through its innovative production systems. Of late, driven by foreign technological advances, research and development (R&D) has become a top priority of the company. “We have recruited elite developers and entered technical cooperation agreements with foreign firms in order to keep pace with world advances in technology. Looking into the future, we will strive to meet new challenges based on our rich resources,” Mr. Huang explains.

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Impressive product portfolio for efficient production

YE I has made its mark in the global industrial arena with its portfolio of plastics machinery, ranging from blown film extrusion line, plastic waste recycling equipment, sheet extrusion line, casting PE/PP embossed film making machine, among others.  These production solutions have successfully been meeting the preferences of global customers that the company has now become a leading supplier to the Asian market and other regions. 


In the area of plastics recycling, YE I offers a range of excellent solutions for customers looking for recycling systems that are highly efficient while yielding quality recycled materials or pellets for the production of new products – thus meeting the goals of the circular economy. YE I has been monitoring the developments in the global market for plastic recycling and the current thrust of the industry towards sustainable production has encouraged the company to enhance its recycling machines. As a result, it has been able to develop a model that can recycle the waste films into high quality particles or pellets. Another innovation is the integration of a blown film machine that can turn out plastic bags.  


“As the global plastic pollution problem becomes more and more serious, YE I is committed to persuading our existing customers in the field of plastic recycling to invest in the blown film industry. By using 100% recycled plastic pellets produced by themselves and purchasing an additional YE I three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, it will become possible for customers to produce garbage bags. It not only helps them make more profits, but also conforms to the concept of environmental protection. YE I has successfully installed more than 20 machines all over the world (especially in Europe) this way,” according to Mr. Huang. 


As YE I commits to continuously monitor important market developments, the design and engineering proponents of its production process become an integral part in its product development. With the purpose of supplying plastics machinery that guarantees profitable operations for its customers, YE I has installed production systems that are geared to ensure that customers experience all the advantages of high-performance machines that have high throughput at lower operating costs.


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