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Airnov expands portfolio with innovative vial

Source:Airnov Release Date:2022-12-23 1112
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HAT®-B, launched in July 2022, is the latest product in the HAT product line designed to protect test strips, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals from moisture

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a global leader in controlled atmosphere packaging, continues to enhance its offering to customers with additions to its portfolio.


Launched in July 2022, HAT-B is the company’s latest innovative vial, an active and ergonomic flip-top container designed to protect test strips, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals from moisture. To meet a variety of needs, moisture protection is integrated as a raw desiccant at the bottom of the tube.


These vials also carry numerous other inventive and sustainable features. For example, they are made with a reduced amount of plastic, contain adjustable desiccant quantities, and comprise versatile sorbent material to fit stability requirements. The vial, suitable for the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, is available in two sizes and is compatible with existing filling lines and desiccants to fit all customer needs.

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Mélissa Plantier, Product Manager at Airnov commented: “HAT-B also guarantees high in-use efficiency. The desiccant location at the bottom of the tube ensures the closest position to the reactive part of the test strips, or to the sensitive product, which optimizes use of space and helps our customers to be more efficient.”


Airnov has also increased its manufacturing capacity in China to meet growing demand for its HAT-SNAP product. As part of the HAT portfolio, it is another type of active and ergonomic flip-top container to package and protect test strips, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals from moisture. Key features include easy snapping of the closure onto the container, tamper evidence security, and customization with options such as silica gel, molecular sieve, or a combination of both to achieve desired performance.


HAT-IN Snap is another variant in the HAT family of products. The closure system allows for additional capacity inside the container, another key feature being the integration of Airnov’s Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®), which is embedded into the polymer matrix for direct integration into container walls.


HAT-IN also features ADP®. A major attribute of this product is that the closure system is pre-assembled to the container, which is delivered to customers closed to minimise exposure of the desiccant during filling.


“With 2023 on the horizon, our aim is to continue providing products that meet the requirements of various healthcare and packaging markets,” Mélissa Plantier added. “If there are ways that we can help customers to become more efficient and increase the sustainability of their operations, then Airnov is determined to make it happen. We look forward to making further strides in 2023.”


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