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Babuza Dream Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony

Source:Ringier     Date:2017-08-09
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From the heart of Taiwan Nantou, SHUTER is setting the sail to its next milestone

SHUTER has just finished its ground-breaking ceremony today (9th, August, 2017) for their new factory “BABUZA Dream Factory” in Nangang industrial park located in Nantou county. BABUZA Dream Factory will take over 16,800sqm2    of space and cost top up to over 66million USD. BABUZA is one of the rare indigenous tribes in Taiwan. SHUTER recognizes the value of the vanishing tribe because only through the historical past of the island can we see through the uniqueness of Taiwan. By using BABUZA as the main theme of its Dream Factory, the General Manager Yira Wu hopes to bring the culture and language elements of BABUZA back to life.

The Invitation for groundbreaking ceremony

Although being questioned about ‘BABUZA’ of being a low-profile tribe and the eligibility of being the central theme for the factory, Yira Wu remains firm on this decision, and said that there are more reason to promote the vanishing cultural gem BABUZA.

Yira Wu stated in the ceremony that the dream of building a novel factory was incubated in 2012, originated from his dream to build a second home for all employees. The Dream Factory will be constructed with timber and engineered wood, with enhanced height of the administration tower - creating a sense of  spatial extension.

Over 300 guests participated the ground-breaking ceremony, including the vice president of the Legislative Yuan Tsai, Chi-Chang, the mayor of Nantou county Lin Ming-Chen, the vice mayor of Taichung Chang Guan Yao, along with the architect team from Australia and Canada.

BABUZA Dream Factory immersed in Nantou’s natural landscape

One of the most crucial identities that BABUZA Dream Factory stands for is green construction. Williamson Architects is the first-class team who is the main collaborators behind SHUTER’s environmentally-friendly Dream Factory project. A breathable factory is about to emerge.

BABUZA Dream Factory will be adopting circulating and cooling water pump systems, rainwater harvesting, as well as solar systems on energy saving - which contribute to 40% water saving and 60% of electricity saving. Upon completion, the Dream Factory will definitely be compared with world-class green factories.

The factory will also feature the ’Tree of the Life’, which is the central building element connecting the manufacturing quarter to the administration tower. Curved engineered wood beams and plates will form the tree trunk. The finished structure will be approximately 31 meter tall and 16 meter in diameter - constructing a significant free standing wood structures.


Embedding dreams from where we originate

The Dream Factory has designated the first ‘south island museum’ and ‘Pingpu tribe language preservation center’  for visitors to acquire better understanding to Pingpu tribe, while internationalizing its culture to facilitate more dialogues about the culture and language.
BABUZA Dream Factory will also become the only large-scale shopping center in Nantou county.  It will be consisted with educational, cultural and kids-friendly facility, and food services (Michelin-level restaurants).

The excitement does not stop at the Dream Factory. It will keep implementing outreach programs to the community - with 300 factories open for tours, and 250 positions available  in the intelligent and automated factory. With a healthy and comprehensive infrastructure regarding to  corporate image, spirit, regulation, and welfare system, SHUTER will act proactively to attract talented youngsters from campuses, and consequently stimulate the employment rate in Nantou and Changhua region.

Established in 1969, today the top brand in storage solutions and products. SHUTER has succeeded for the past 47 years on providing the best product with superior quality. Today SHUTER’s flagship brands include  SHUTER, livinbox, orin, and siraya.


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