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BEVERLY Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi offers an alternative anti-aging solution that yields better results than injectables, wrinkle creams, or even a facelift.

Claimed as modern dentistry's most cutting-edge procedure, the Smile Lift combines strategic dental shaping, coloring, and placement to achieve a more youthful appearance. The technique involves the use of a full-set of properly placed veneers to restore facial symmetry and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. The veneers also help reshape hollowed cheeks and thinning lips caused by aging. This approach can "reboot aging smiles" while also softening and plumping the facial exterior.

According to Dr. Maddahi, Smile Lift offers a permanent and natural-looking anti-aging solution by rebuilding a youthful appearance from the "inside out." It is not a temporary solution like the popular injectable fillers and does not require more invasive surgical procedures that are severe and often appear unnatural.

Dr. Maddahi noted that the age-reversing benefits of cosmetic dentistry should not be limited to making a person appear 10 years younger through a white, healthy smile.

“For instance, something as detailed as perfecting the length and width of the teeth can dramatically affect the perceived age of the entire jawline, while something as meticulous as widening the jaw's arch can restore fullness in an otherwise sunken face. Most patients are shocked when they realize as much as three-fourths of the face can be changed by strategic dentistry alone,” he said.

The cosmetic dentist said that he examines the individual facial structure of each patient and how that relates to signs of aging.

“From there, I am able to craft a specialized plan to best restore the look of their youth," Dr.  Maddahi said.

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