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d'Alba set to launch new vegan skincare

Source:d'Alba Release Date:2023-02-06 535
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d'Alba's exclusive ingredient, 'Trufferol' is a combination of Italian white truffles and tocopherol to provide moisture-hydration and skin elasticity.

Consumer interest in 'slow aging' is on the rise, and the age group that wants 'slow aging' is also getting younger. This trend has driven demand for products from vegan skincare brand d'Alba.

According to the company, demand for its product lines including White Truffle Double Layer Revitalizing Serum, White Truffle Double Serum & Cream, and Double Serum All In One Multi Balm, is growing.  The best-selling White Truffle First Spray Serum is achieving new records in sales, with over 19 million bottles globally. 

d'Alba-skincare korea.jpg 


For its products, the company uses white truffles from Alba in Piedmont, Italy.  It has its own exclusive ingredient, 'Trufferol' which provides its skincare lines with antioxidant and skin elasticity properties. Trufferol is a combination of Italian white truffles and tocopherol to incorporate moisture-hydration and elasticity care. Aside from this, d'Alba products are certified 100% vegan by V-label and rated excellent by Derma-test through strict standards. All products are suitable for all skin types (hypoallergenic tested).


This month, the company is ready for the launch of the d'Alba White Truffle First Aromatic Spray Serum. This contains more white truffle extract than the White Truffle First Spray Serum, as well as Rosa Damascena Flower Water 77% and 8-oils-blend that provide more hydration and antioxidant care to the skin. The serum will be launched in two sizes, 60ml and 120ml.


d'Alba also joined hands with Allure, the American women's beauty magazine for this product. The White Truffle First Aromatic Spray Serum will be included in Allure's subscription beauty box in February. This will be a great chance for Allure subscribers to try the full-size White Truffle First Aromatic Spray Serum.


d'Alba will also release a new gift set for Valentine's Day. Targeting consumers who seek the perfect gift for their loved ones, this gift set consists of White Truffle First Spray Serum and White Truffle Nourishing Hand Serum in Cream to make the perfect portable hydration booster duo. Both products are ideal for all skin types, and clinically tested for safe use on sensitive skin.

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