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Elcam Medical highlights medical stopcock, connector at US Critical Care Expo

Source:Ringier Medical     Date:2015-05-21
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ELCAM Medical, a global leader in OEM disposable medical devices and a provider of solutions for flow control needs, presented its two innovative new products for addressing bloodstream infections at the US Critical Care Expo. 
The company highlighted the Marvelous™ state-of-the-art specialized flow-control stopcock for the administration of intravenous (IV) procedures and the Safe2 Rotator Luer Connector. Designed with ease of use and safety in mind, both products ensure maximum safety for patients and medical staff during medical procedures at hospital intensive care units (ICUs) and other critical care facilities. They are aimed at tackling the major medical challenge posed by bloodstream infections. Data from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate more than 80,000 catheter-related bloodstream infections occur in ICUs in the U.S. each year.  
The Marvelous stopcock reduces the risk of infection caused by microbial colonization in stopcocks, a prevalent and persistent threat in critical care facilities throughout the U.S. and Europe. 
Central venous catheters (CVCs), which are used during the administration of IV fluids and medications and for sampling blood, may contain several stopcocks. This creates the risk of microbial colonization along entry points in the catheter tunnel because the colonies can easily spread through the bloodstream or metastasize throughout the body. The Marvelous constantly flushes any fluids remaining inside the stopcock using the carrier fluid via the handle's circumferential channel to ensure minimal residual volume and keep the stopcock clean. In addition to blood clotting, this eliminates the risk of bacterial colonization.
The Marvelous also has an integrated luer-activated valve that serves as a bacterial barrier. This also helps create a closed circuit that is accessible without opening it to the air, further reducing the risk of microbial colonization inside the stopcocks and the chance of infection. Moreover, it eliminates the need to use cannulas, needles, or caps, which lowers the risk of needle stick injuries and blood spillage hazardous to patients and medical staff. In addition, this ensures complete separation between the flow path and the valve by providing efficient pressure monitoring without signal damping.
Meanwhile, the Safe2 Rotator Luer Connector is designed to allow the rotation of coupled luer lock connections and stopcocks and reduces kinks and twists in the tubing. It features a spinning lock and creates an extra layer of passive protection against dangerous accidental disconnections. It allows easy access to injection and sampling ports during the administration of fluids. 


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