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Fi Asia: Cheese flavours from Foodex

Source:Ringier Food     Date:2018-10-04
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Indonesia-based FOODEX offers the local market new profiles of cheese under the FlavourEX Cheese brand.  

Variations of cheddar, ranging from young to sharp with a hint of creamy, savour, buttery or milky, meet different applications.

The Swiss cheese flavour is nutty, fruity, buttery described by the company to have a “unique piquancy from prop ionic acid.”

The Gouda flavour is oily, nutty, and sharp, while the cream cheese flavour is soft with a mild taste, and has a high fat content.

These cheese flavours are able to withstand heat so they can be added to biscuit and cracker dough. The flavours are ideal for adding a layer of flavours to sauces as well.

What’s more according to Foodex, its cheese as well as dairy products enable manufacturers to reduce the cost of production.

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