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Five-year expansion strategy for growth

Source:Ringier     Date:2011-08-15
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On July 1, Primepack Technologies Inc. launched its new corporate identity, a new logo that signifies its move towards bigger markets. As a one-stop plastic packaging solutions provider, the company has emerged from various challenges which contributed to its transformation.
 "Primepack's new logo is a reflection of how we have expanded over the years. It also shows our efforts towards a new direction that will lead us to new opportunities in the vast Asian market," according to Managing Director Roald Johann Yap. "At the same time, the new logo stands as a testament of the company's resiliency and strength – our people," added Yap, "the remarkable advances we have made and achieved in the areas of design, process management, capacity utilisation are all major breakthroughs – breakthroughs that are only possible because of our deeply talented people, hence the declaration 'We Design Breakthroughs' was added as a tagline of the company's new logo."
 In the past, majority of the company's business came from the data storage (HDD) and semiconductor industry, an industry that has been largely cyclical. Today however, its customer base has expanded to include the highly competitive medical equipment, automotive and consumer electronics industries. "In particular, we'd like to expand our product and service offerings for these industries, hence we're especially keen on getting a foothold in Thailand after our successful venture in Vietnam," Yap said.
 Even with the shift in market focus, Primepack has stayed true to its core philosophy of being a one-stop plastic packaging solutions provider. "However, we've made it a point to ensure that each solution, each product receives a little extra care, you'll see this affirmation in our new Mission Statement where we said that all our customers will receive 'unrivalled' customer care," Yap explained.

 Design technology strengthened
 For the development of new designs, Primepack employs an extensive CAD-supported mould designing facility, combined with 3D visualisation software. The design centre is also equipped with Mazak CNC machine for making thermoforming moulds. The design team boosts the company's competitive edge as it has been creating tailor-made packaging solutions in the fastest possible time for customers around the country, thus making it the leading company in the Philippines in that segment.
 Primepack, being the first and only plastic packaging company in the Philippines to receive Integrated Management System Certification for QMS, EMS and OHSAS, strictly adheres to international standards and uses the same in its delivery of products and services to its business partners.
 At present the plastic packaging industry locally and within the Asian region, is still a buoyant but very competitive market. Although Primepack still feels the effects of Japan's crisis and the stalling recovery from the US and Europe, the company continues to be optimistic of its growth prospects. "As for our export market, we have our sights set on Thailand and this is largely due to its large industrial and automotive base," according to Yap.
 The company has been implementing a five-year plan since 2009. The plan outlines the strategic plan and grand midterm vision towards sustained growth. "The company had five previous years of near flat growth, and we wanted to reverse this trend. Despite the fact that the world was just emerging from the financial crisis in 2009, the Primepack made a bold claim to double both turnover and earnings in the succeeding five years which coincidentally, would be our 15th year in operations," explained Yap. Whilst this may be too ambitious, the results in the 2010 and even in the early 2011 showed that the company is a year ahead of its target. Supreme X Air Max 98


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