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Indicators simplify monitoring of fluid lines

Source:OPW Engineered Systems     Date:2011-12-02
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LEBANON, OH, USA -- OPW Engineered Systems has manufactured its VISI-FLO? 1400 and 1500 series sight flow indicators to provide a quick, reliable and inexpensive way to verify flow rate and direction while monitoring color and clarity in fluid lines. Dollar for dollar, OPW sight flow indicators are the most cost efficient and effective way to visually monitor the flow of fluids and to determine where, if any, problems exist at certain points along the industrial process line.

OPW has been manufacturing sight flow indicators for over 60 years, leading to many innovations in design and manufacturing, making VISI-FLO the most thoroughly-engineered sight flow indicators on the market. VISI-FLO’s innovative radial seal creates a constant and uninterrupted sealing force between the body and outside diameter of the glass lens. This sealing method provides a longer lasting and better seal than conventional flat seals. VISI-FLO’s unique bolt-on-body design requires that no special maintenance or torqueing sequence be followed to prevent leaks. This results in a safer, more reliable sight flow indicator than units using tie rods to fasten lens and seal to body.

Both the 1400 series and the 1500 High-Pressure High-Temperature series are available in threaded or flanged configurations and are tested at 150% of the rated pressure to ensure maximum reliability in harsh operating conditions. Additional features include an exclusive 3-year “no-leak” guarantee; maintenance-free design; dimensional interchangeability; full vacuum service rating; adequate horizontal and vertical range; and four different indicator styles: propeller, bi-directional flapper, bi-directional plain and drip tube.

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