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Interactive hygiene platform targets end users

Source:Ringier Nonwovens     Date:2014-11-14
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BURGDORF, Switzerland – SANITIZED AG is adopting unconventional approaches with its new marketing tool Sanitized? the.house. In their virtual home, the specialists in the antimicrobial protection for polymers and textiles are staging the wealth of possible uses for hygiene and material protection in the household environment. 

Sanitized ActiFresh logoInnovative, reliable and safe products combined with highly specialized customer support during the development and application of the antimicrobial active ingredients make SANITIZED AG more than just a “supplier” for the manufacturing industry.

Why Sanitzed AG – actually a classic B2B company – has launched such a platform for end users, is explained by CEO Urs Stalder: “Through our licensed partners in the textile and polymer industry, which aggressively label Sanitized on their products at the POS, we know that end customers look for guidance and security when buying. Therefore, for the first time, we have begun a marketing initiative directed primarily toward this target group.”

These products and services are enhanced by the professional marketing support. Well-known companies such as Franke Kitchen Systems Ltd., Forbo Flooring Systems, Marks and Spencer p.I.c., Levi Strauss & Co or Zimtstern GmbH are using this option.

The Internet platform “Sanitized the.house” has just been launched, directed primarily at end customers. In this virtual home, the visitors receive information and education about how the household environment can be protected against the damaging effects of bacteria, dust mites and fungi. On the other hand, Sanitized reference partners become involved through the interaction with the platform. 

For example, clicking on the drawer of the closet (Apparel) opens up an image/video/link plus a text about Levi′s Commuter Series, the children fan clothing of FC Bayern München or the yoga mat from FLOCKAN Deutschland GmbH &CO.KG. In the living room (Living), hotspots lead to Sanitized partners in the carpeting, or upholstery materials area.

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