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Packaging Solutions to Transform Your Beauty Brand

Source:Datamonitor     Date:2013-01-16
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Dan Bone, Consumer Insight Director, Datamonitor

Packaging design and aesthetics are inextricably linked. Packaging design brings together functionality, creativity and technology, while aesthetics in packaging conveys confidence and attracts admiration. Uncovering new trends in products and packaging, Datamonitor’s Innovation Tracking observes three major trends in the beauty-packaging sector, namely, alternative shaping, engagement and discovery and sustainability. These mega trends and their sub-themes can enhance user control, and facilitate portability and targeted packaging.

TREND 1: Alternative Shaping

More likely to drive success than graphics-only changes, new and unique packagings are increasingly utilized by beauty products for brand building. A recent survey has shown that 25% of global consumers have a clear idea of what personal care brands they will be buying before entering the store, while 51% are browsers actively searching or casually keeping an eye out for new products. As purchase decisions are often driven by what people both see and think about, packaging that can capture consumers’ imagination and make them go for that second look will facilitate sale.
Alternative Shaping can create a distinct visual brand identity. It can be either interruptive forms like rilanja body intensive-handcreme, or contemporary and clinical like NYX’s The Curve. The bold shape of NYX’s ergonomically correct liquid eyeliner looks stylish and contemporary, while its grip zones are also accident proof.

A pack in the form of alternative shape is much more than a simple container. It can be brand congruent, such as the teardrop shape of Vosene Original Dandruff Prevention Shampoo bottle, which is inspired by the brand logo. It can also be benefit congruent, like Roc Rides Filler’s syringe pack communicating the idea of a scientifically developed product.

Visual brand identity created by alternative shaping can be distinct. It can reflect the brands’ industrial/rugged identity. For example, the unusual multi-sided shaping of MAXX power gel gives the pack the appearance of a screw. Another example is the industrial looking hairspray closure of VO5 Extreme Style.

In addition, alternative shaping also takes inspiration from entertainment and pop culture, and fuses these elements together. An example of shape reinforcing the theme is OLANA Kids. Its crown-shaped top works in tandem with the glitter theme. Technology/gadget-inspired shape can be seen in Jacomo’s it’s me eau de toilette, whose iPhone shaped pack accounts for today’s love for electronic devices.

With alternative shaping, the packaging is also able to reflect on the outside what is contained on the inside, thus conveying ingredients and product identity. For example, via its rosebud-shape packaging, Nature Republic’s Shine Blossom Rose lipstick communicates rose extract content inside the product. And the leaf-style closure for Organic’s lashes-boosting mascara reinforces the natural theme.



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