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Skin and hair care solutions for consumers in Asia

Source:Ringier Personal Care     Date:2015-11-05
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Experts in rheology, scientists at Ashland create emollients, emulsifiers, lamellar gels, rheology modifiers and specialty solvents, taking into account the functionality of these technologies to advance textural attributes delivered to skin and hair.

Ashland calls this expertise, "Texturity," wherein advanced rheological technologies and techniques can be leveraged to create and characterize textures for manufacturers of skin and hair care products.

"Creating a dynamic texture experience in skin and hair care requires expertise in ingredient technology, advanced competency in rheology, skill in formulation architecture and state-of-the-art measurement science," said Nelson Corda, general manager, Consumer Specialties, Ashland Specialties Ingredients, Asia Pacific excluding China. "Ashland has combined all of these requirements to bring signature texture solutions to markets in Asia."

At the hair texture demonstration area (Ashland Stand M10), Ashland will demonstrate how the hair texture of Asia's consumers - primarily thick straight hair - may be accentuated or optimized to ensure beautiful, easy-to-manage-hair. Included in the demonstration area will be hair mannequins treated with formulation prototypes, such as moisture-softening shampoo containing N-DurHance™ A-1000 polymer, an ingredient that lends long-lasting hydrophobic properties to hair for softer, smoother, shinier strands, without buildup.

In the skin care demonstration area, a series of formulations will address consumer preferences toward light-feeling textures, such as Age-Defying 3D Gel, a cream gel for the delicate eye area. The prototype feels light and soft, applies easily, absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. The Aquaflex™ XL-30 polymer delivers an immediate firming effect, without tack, due in part to the incorporation of Lubrajel* Oil Free hydrogel to the formulation. 

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