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STEER appoints new agents in Brazil and Mexico

Source:Ringier Plastics Release Date:2015-08-12 450
Plastics & Rubber
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STEER  announced its plans to further strengthen and expand its presence in The Americas with an entry into Brazil and Mexico.  

STEER, which already has a very strong presence outside India, has appointed Uniflon in Brazil and JM LORD International LLC in Mexico as its representative agents to market its co-rotating twin-screw platforms, advanced EPZ technology as well as specialized components, and service new customers in the area of plastics and polymers, to capitalise on the burgeoning opportunities in these markets.
The company will be introducing its revolutionary Omega 1.71 Do/Di materials platform, with patented fraction-lobe special elements and advanced EPZ Technology, to give compounders the capability and the control to work with demanding, difficult-to-manage polymers as well as low-bulk density and shear-sensitive materials.

Other offerings include the Mega Special 1.55 Do/Di platform and the 1.49 Do/Di Alpha series, STEER’s proven out-perfomers for standard compounding needs. STEER’s standard replacement elements, trusted by over 5500 lines across the globe, will also be available in these markets.

Atanu Maity, Chief Executive Officer, STEER said that the company's two new partners bring strong capabilities to attract the right kind of customer base, a critical part of STEER's plan to rapidly penetrate into these markets.

The consumption of plastic in different forms has been on the rise with the per capita consumption in developed nations touching almost 24kg/person rate as compared to an average 8-10 kg/person rate in developing countries. STEER sees a huge potential to expand its business in the South American market especially in times when energy costs have been rising. This also presents a strong opportunity for the plastics industry to flourish by replacing heavy metal, thus leading to greater consumption.

According to a report published in 2013, Brazil, with a per capita consumption of 10 kg/person rate of plastics usage, the consumption was quite low as compared to matured regions like North America and Europe with rates of above 40 kg/person. Brazil hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup which attracted a huge demand for plastic for creation of better infrastructure, transportation facilities and stadiums. With Olympics slated in 2016, the demand for plastic is expected to increase further. Similarly, over the last 2-3 years, Mexico’s energy reforms have provided a significant benefit to the manufacturing sector and opened up trade opportunities for the plastics industry.

STEER’s Technology can help compounders produce black, white and color master batch of a higher quality and consistency while allowing for customisation. Besides customers can also take advantage of the advanced platforms and the patented special elements to develop superior engineering plastics like PP, PET, PVC and PE with a better spread of properties and characteristics.

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