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Trützschler expands nonwovens business in China

Source:Trützschler Release Date:2023-03-29 751
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Trützschler is further expanding its business in China as it looks to embrace the dynamic development of China’s nonwovens market.

Trützschler is further expanding its business in China as it looks to embrace the dynamic development of China’s nonwovens market.

Back in September 2019, the company formally established the Trützschler Textile Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. In 2022, it officially inaugurated and began production activities at a new factory which features a modern design that was created with a strong focus on sustainability. The new site is now significantly improving operational efficiency and further boosting business development for Trützschler in China.

Trützschler Textile Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. is located in the Pinghu Economic Development Zone. The first phase of the factory covers 26,666 square metres, with a production area of 17,600 square metres. It mainly produces nonwoven equipment and spare parts, while improving the company's local services.

The facility, which is able to deliver entire spunlace lines (inline and crosslapped), thermo-bonding lines as well as opening and web-forming systems for chemical and needling production lines, is equipped with high-precision equipment such as automatic handling robots, intelligent storage systems, ABB welding robots and Zeiss coordinate measuring instruments.

These state-of-the-art features significantly improve production efficiency and product quality. The site also has air conditioning throughout the entire workshop ensuring a consistent workshop temperature, which ensures the processing accuracy of the equipment and provides a comfortable working environment for employees.

The Trützschler Group officially announced its carbon neutrality target in 2022, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in all production sites worldwide by 2035. This latest site contributes to this ambition through its features energy-saving production equipment while also generating its own electricity supply through solar panels on the rooftop of the building.

"The nonwovens market in China is dynamic and attractive – and the Trützschler Group has a longstanding commitment to its customers in this country," the company said. "By further strengthening its production footprint in China, the Trutzschler is now taking action to get even closer to its customers while investing in a state-of-the-art sustainable production site to serve this key market.

"Looking ahead, Trützschler is already planning a second phase of the production site that will cover almost 11,333 square meters. In this way, the Trützschler Group is going to increase its capacity to provide sustainable innovations and expert service – and empower customers across the Chinese nonwovens market to tap into exciting potential for business growth."

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