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Tung Yu celebrates 40th anniversary

Source:Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd Release Date:2023-10-20 514
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On its 40th anniversary, Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. holds technical seminar and gala dinner attended by representatives from 16 countries.

Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1983, is a major hydraulic machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. The company is dedicated to the research and development of high-quality hydraulic mechanical equipment and provides customers with a wide range of molding solutions. Tung Yu has successfully built a wide customer base in the international market, and Tung Yu products are sold to more than 70 countries around the world.



This year, Tung Yu completed 80% expansion of its NanTou factory and plans to complete the construction of the new Ningbo factory in early 2024 to furthen enhance its overall production capacity.


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Tung Yu hosted a technical seminar and gala dinner attended by representatives from 16 countries, making it one of the largest gatherings since the start of the pandemic.



At the seminar, Tung Yu introduced the latest technologies, including the development of a Gas Pressurized Thermoforming Machine, a Direct Drive Servo Electric Press aimed at energy saving and carbon reduction. It also launched a Hydraulic Compression Molding Machine to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. All these machines are aligned with ESG and sustainability trends. 



The event particularly highlighted 20 years of technical cooperation between Tung Yu and the famous French injection molding machine manufacturer REP. The two companies have jointly developed the environmentally-friendly and cutting-edge RT10 injection molding machine. This is a sign of an enduring partnership based on the principles of commitment, honesty, openness, and mutual understanding.


To advance a sustainable future, Tung Yu will continue to focus on research and development, strive to explore different markets, and expand its product line to meet customer needs. The company has filed for an IPO this year with the purpose of strengthening further its corporate structure, and attract more people to the company as a step forward for the next 40 years.



As Tung Yu emphasized, the most important thing is to achieve the company's goals through teamwork as it wants all colleagues at Tung Yu to integrate into the culture: "Helping others succeed can be your greatest success."


Together, we are proud to be part of Tung Yu and will continue to satisfy our customers, shareholders, and employees. This is Tung Yu's goal in running the business.”

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