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INTERMACH & SUBCON THAILAND 2015 - Dynamic event on the horizon

Source:Ringier Metalworking     Date:2015-05-11
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The AEC will also bring increased competition, encouraging part-makers to raise their standards. As a result, products will provide better value, especially items that require precision accuracy and top quality. Introducing new technology can provide the competitive edge entrepreneurs seek which is where INTERMACH comes in.

ASEAN's growing economy is generating greater regional demand. Many sectors are now expanding rapidly, underwriting an increasing need for machinery. This includes Thailand's dynamic automotive sector which is heading toward 2.3 million units for 2014. The electrical appliances and electronics (E&E) sector which makes more hard disk drives than anywhere else in the world; the air conditioner sector that ranks 4th globally; and the construction sector with US$14 billion, are all  planning  to expand logistic capabilities  with new  roads, rail lines  and mass transit.

INTERMACH will play a significant role in this development which will in turn enable the advance of ASEAN manufacturing to become a major global production hub.


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