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Latest Patent Reviews on Color Cosmetics

Source:Happi Asia     Date:2015-06-30
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Long-Wearing Cosmetic
US Patent 8,999,304 B2; L’Oréal has patented a non-aqueous composition that is capable of forming a gel structure. It is comprised of a structuring agent consisting of a low molecular mass N-acyl glutamic acid diamide having a straight-chain alkyl group comprising dibutyl lauroyl glutamide, a low molecular mass N-acyl glutamic acid diamide having a branched-chain alkyl group comprising dibutyl ethylhexanoyl glutamide, and at least one polyorganosiloxane polymer comprising a nylon-611/dimethicone copolymer. It also contains a gel-promoting solvent, film former, volatile solvent capable of solubilizing the film former; and colorant. The composition has a hardness value ranging from approximately 30 to about 300gf and a melting point of about 50°C or higher.
Multi-Layer Eyelash Painting
US Patent No. 8,875,718 B2; Daniel Phu Dinh of Beverly Hills, CA, has patented a method for multi-layer eyelash painting. It entails fastening a user’s upper eyelashes against the user’s face using an eyelash fastener; and applying eyelash paint to the user’s eyelashes in a multi-layered approach. The eyelash paint is a colored solution that provides color to the user’s eyelashes when applied. The paint applied to the user’s eyelashes one layer at a time such that a first layer of upper eyelashes is removed from the eyelash fastener, with eyelash paint being applied to at least one eyelash of the first layer to form a first painted eyelash layer, thereby providing a user with eyelashes having eyelash paint attached thereto.
Cosmetic Nail Covering
US Patent No. 8,820,332 B2; Maria A. Barile of Willowick, OH, has patented a method for cosmetically disguising an unattractive finger or toe nail area of a negatively affected hand or foot by using a temporary, cosmetically appealing covering. It entails the following steps: providing a cosmetic nail covering that will simulate the appearance of a nearby normal nail when applied to cover the nail area of the affected digit and both the cosmetic nail covering and the nearby normal nails are coated by a user with identical user-supplied nail polish. The cosmetic nail covering is constructed from a strip of adhesive tape material suitable for wrapping around a digit and a pad of material that is sized and shaped to resemble a normal nail for the affected digit. The pad has a cuticle edge curved shape that is appropriate for a nail on the nail area of the affected digit.
Nail Polish Anti-Leak System
US Patent No. 8,789,541 B1; Lillie Ann Evans of Phoenix, IL has been awarded a US patent for her anti-leak system for preventing nail polish from leaking from a nail polish bottle
Device to Apply Makeup
US Patent No. 8,925,558 B2; Pamela Johnson of Weston, FL has patented a method for applying makeup materials to a skin surface of a user using a device. The device has a template body and a backing constructed from an absorbent and compressible material.  
Extended Release Fragrance
US Patent No. 8,921,303 B1; Avon Products, Inc. has patented a longwearing composition for providing extended release of fragrance. The composition is comprised of a hydrophilically-modified cross-linked silicone elastomer; an acrylic rheology modifier; a polyol; an alcohol; and a fragrance oil. It is capable of releasing fragrance over a longer period of time as compared to an otherwise identical composition lacking either the hydrophilically-modified cross-linked silicone elastomer or the acrylic rheology modifier.
Shiseido, Takasago Patent Rose Fragrance Composition
US Patent No. 8,791,059 B2; Shiseido Company and Takasago International have patented a rose fragrance composition. It is comprised of base fragrance composition with a rose aroma and methyl epijasmonate, provided that a natural jasmine fragrance containing methyl epijasmonate as the only source of methyl epijasmonate is excluded, wherein the methyl epijasmonate is contained in the rose fragrance composition in a concentration of 0.2ppm to 200ppm.
Solid Fragrancing Composition
US Patent No. 8,658,186 B2; L’Oréal, Paris, France, has patented a fragrancing aqueous transparent solid composition. It is comprised of a cosmetically acceptable support: at least one aqueous phase, at least one fatty acid salt, at least one oxyethylenated behenyl alcohol and at least one fragrancing substance.
Living Proof Patents Coloring Agents
US 8,758,451 B2; Living Proof, Inc., Cambridge, MA, has patented a functionalized dye comprising at least one chromophore and a color fastness moiety, wherein the chromophore is bound to the color fastness moiety by a linker. 
Acidic Cleaning Composition
US Patent No. 8,987,184 B2; Colgate-Palmolive has patented a cleaning composition that contains lactic acid, phosphoric acid, a nonionic surfactant comprising an ethoxylated alcohol; and a polybetaine. 
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