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China Electricity Council will release the first batch of organizational standards at EP China 2016

Source:EP China     Date:2016-07-19
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Being the centralized management unit of Chinese electric power standard, China Electricity Council initiated the formation of organizational standards in 2016 according to the Standardization Administration of China which aimed to implement the working programme for deepen standardization raised by the State Council of China.

In adapting to the present demand on standardization of electric power generation and construction, China Electricity Council established the first batch of standard revised programme in January which will be released in EP China 2016. It includes 65 regulations which cover energy interconnection, battery charging and changing of electric vehicles, distribution grid urbanization, response to the power demand side, power corporation energy management system, energy substitution, left heat and pressure, smart transformer substation, smart electricity utilization, energy quantification, emergency arrangement, electric power engineering testing and etc.

As the most authoritative, influential and internationalized exhibition organized by China Electricity Council, EP China 2016 will be held on 2 - 4 November 2016 at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, PR China. The exhibition will aggregate latest equipment and technology of electric power with 35,000 sq.m exhibition space and over 850 worldwide exhibitors/ brands. With the comprehensive professional visitors from electric power generation, distribution and utilization aspects, China Electricity Council decided to release the first batch of organizational standards at EP China 2016. It will provide first-hand information on the latest standards of power industry with professional analysis from specialists and interactive opportunities for the exhibitors and visitors.


Commanded by National Energy Administration and organized by China Electricity Council, China International Exhibition on Technology & Equipment for Electricity Safety and Emergency Response will debut at EP China 2016 with “2 Power Grid Corporations and 5 Major Power Group Corporations”

With expanded scale for 10 exhibition halls to reach new heights, EP China 2016 will organize “China International Exhibition on Technology & Equipment for Electricity Safety and Emergency Response” (ESER) concurrently for the first time in the theme hall.

This specialized event is commanded by National Energy Administration, organized by China Electricity Council and co-organized by members of Nationwide Electric Power Safety Commission. Two power grid corporations and five major power group corporations in China will also exhibit at EP China 2016. Furthermore, executives from National Energy Administration and China Electricity Council will visit the expo as the members of the specialized advisory committee.

Theme zone of Nationwide Electric Power Safety Commission will display the commencement of safety measures undertaken at production field. ESER will display global technology and equipment for electric power safety and emergency. To consolidate the understanding on electric power safety measures for visitors, main conference on electric power safety and three sub-conferences on electric power engineering quality management, electric power safety production and emergency management and corporation information technology security will also be held concurrently at the expo.

30+ Splendid Concurrent Conferences Keep On

In facilitating visitors’ interaction with targeted suppliers and deepen their knowledge in latest technology and equipment of electric power and electrical industry, EP China 2016 will cooperate with China Electricity Council and other media in organizing more than 30 specialized concurrent events in various aspects.



2015 China Power Innovation Award Ceremony for advanced technology appraisal

China Power Innovation Award Ceremony will be held concurrently with EP China 2016 again this year with the extensive support from National Energy Administration, President and Vice Presidents of China Electricity Council.

ep china

"Conference on Electric Power Reform" explores latest achievement on electric power revolution progress

The unprecedented "Conference on Electric Power Reform" will be held concurrently with EP China 2016. Executives from National Development and Reform Commission will introduce the progress of electric power revolution and share the experience on power reform experimental provinces like Yunnan, Guizhou, Shanxi and etc. Information on the Beijing and Guangzhou electric power trade center will also be explained to explore the achievement and experience on power reform with the audiences.

In addition, more than 30 conferences will be held to explore the latest trend of electric power industry which include "2015 China International Electric Power Energy Conservation Summit & Seminar on Technology Application", “Technical Seminar on Power Engineering and Equipment Inspection and Test”, “Sub-conference on Smart Power System”, "Power Quality Forum" , “Intelligent Low Voltage Power Distribution System Forum & Intelligent Power Distribution and Energy Management Solutions Summit” and etc.
Witness EP China’s 30th Anniversary at Beijing this November

Marking the 30th edition, EP China 2016 will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from 2 - 4 November, 2016. The exhibition will continue to constitute a core platform for electric power industry under the theme of "Explore for Innovation and New Business Opportunity". Visitors are welcomed to pre-register online at the show webpage to enjoy exquisite benefit.
Pre-register now for EP China 2016 at http://epchinashow.com/EP16/Visitors/lang-eng/PreReg.aspx

For more information of the fair, please feel free to contact Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd or visit the fair website at www.EPChinaShow.com



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