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High-volume model overcomes challenges in packaging production

Source:International Plastics News for     Date:2021-02-26
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Injection moulding machines designed for high volume production are now overcoming the challenges in the packaging industry which demands quick and reliable operations. As the packaging industry becomes more committed to protect the environment, new injection moulding systems are being engineered for sustainable production wherein they are now able to process recycled materials. 


The hybrid Allrounder 1020 H in Packaging version is Arburg’s largest injection moulding machine that is designed specifically for packaging technology. It has a clamping force of 6,000 kN and is equipped with a size 7000 injection unit. The machine is predestined for moulds with numerous cavities and for large packaging containers with a volume of up to 30 litres.  The hybrid high-performance machines for the packaging industry combine the electrical speed and precision of the clamping unit with the hydraulic power of the injection unit. They are consistently geared towards high performance and energy efficiency, thereby ensuring maximum productivity in series production.

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Ready for digitalisation

The clamp-design Allrounder 1020 H in Packaging version with Gestica control system has a distance between tie bars of 1,020 millimetres and a clamping force of 6,000 kN. The size 7000 injection unit offers a maximum shot weight of around 4,200 grams (PS) and is available for the new Packaging size 1020 as well as for the Allrounder 1120 H.


The Allrounder 1020 H in Packaging version is "ready for digitalisation". It comes equipped as standard with Arburg's four assistance packages "4.set-up", "4.start-stop", "4.production" and "4.monitoring", which get the injection moulding process up and running quickly and reliably. They provide the operator with comprehensive digital support, enabling him to work faster and receive increasing help from the machine. All Allrounders feature “basic connectivity", i.e. they are equipped with an IIoT gateway and can be easily networked via standard interfaces with higher-level systems.

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Quality cups made of PP and 30% recyclate

As an application example the Allrounder 1020 H processed new PP material in combination with 30% single-type PP recyclate to produce thin-walled cups of consistently high quality. Using an 8+8-cavity stack mould, 16 round cups were produced in a cycle time of around 4.3 seconds. Due to the two levels lying one behind the other, the mould locking force can be halved in comparison to a 16-cavity mould, and a smaller machine size can be used. The finished parts were then automoatically stacked and packed in tubular film.


Arburg developed the Packaging version (P) especially for the packaging industry. It is available on machines of the Hidrive and Alldrive series in sizes 520 to 1020. As standard, the package includes FEM-optimised clamping platens and heavy-duty machine bases, highly wear-resistant cylinder modules with barrier screws, servo-electric toggle-type clamping units and dosage drives, position-regulated screw and additional control functions such as start-up parameters and dosage across cycles. There are additional special features for the production of thin-walled articles and screw caps. This adapted design ensures short dry cycle times, high plasticising capacities and injection speeds as well as reduced energy consumption. The high-end technology includes e. g. planetary roller crews, which Arburg has been using for electric drives since 2001 – making it the first manufacturer to do so. Since they play a decisive role in terms of speed, dynamics, reliability and durability this component is manufactured by Arburg itself, which is unique in the industry. 


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