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Fully recyclable printed packaging

Source:Plastics News     Date:2021-05-04
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Polysack, a green-tech manufacturer of plastic film products for flexible packaging and high-shrink labels, has collaborated with HP Indigo to validate its innovative, fully recyclable packaging films for printing on HP Indigo digital presses. Polysack enables brands to produce fully recyclable plastic packaging including stand-up pouches, films, and shrink labels by providing its fully recyclable Pack’N’Cycle plastic film to packaging manufacturers.


Plastic waste is a global concern uniting more than 500 organisations under the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. Now, many businesses have agreed to move to 100-percent recyclable plastic packaging by 2025. Today, only nine percent of all plastic is actually recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, rivers, sewer systems, and alike. Eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans, making up 80 percent of all marine waste. Even most “recyclable” plastic is not actually recycled or fully recyclable. Polysack’s plastic film is 100 percent recyclable and helps reduce plastic waste.

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Today, Pack’N’Cycle recyclable films are sold to companies serving 45 percent of the European plastic flexible packaging market, chosen by more than 130 recyclable packaging projects. Recyclable packing produced with Pack’N’Cycle recyclable films can also be found on supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas station shelves worldwide.


The ability to combine our 100-percent recyclable film with HP Indigo’s printing capabilities allows businesses to create packaging that fits their brand while remaining environmentally conscious, according to Yanir Aharonson, CEO of Polysack.  Polysack’s unique film can replace 70 to 80 percent of unrecyclable plastic to fully recyclable packaging without increasing costs, modifying people’s usage habits, or needing to rebuild the infrastructure for the package production.


Printela, a flexible packaging converter based in Lithuania, has chosen Polysack’s recyclable film combined with HP Indigo’s digital printing press to create customised, eco-friendly packaging. By using Polysack’s Pack’N’Cycle films, Printela’s HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory efficiently produces different recyclable pouches consistently, says Valdas Buksnys, General Manager of Printela. Pack’N’Cycle by Polysack is an efficient PET (Polyester) replacement film.



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