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Sandvik Coromant's new digital machining manager sees diversity and opportunity in South East Asia

Source:Int'l Metalworking News for Asia     Date:2021-05-05
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Article By: Kathryn Geradino-Elagio


Research and advances in technology have allowed Sandvik Coromant to expand into digital technology solutions. Although recognised globally as a tooling company, Sandvik Coromant believes that it can broaden its solutions by helping customers with their digital machining offering. Hence, the global leader in metal cutting has appointed Albert Waloni as Digital Machining Manager for South East Asia and Oceania (SEAO), a brand-new role for the region.


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International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) interviewed Waloni from Sandvik Coromant's facility in Jakarta, Indonesia where he will be responsible for raising the company’s profile as an expert in digital machining, supporting a core growth area for the business.


IMNA: Digital machining manager is a new job role created by Sandvik Coromant, its sounds like a heavy role to fill since you will be focusing on emerging markets in South East Asia. What are your thoughts on this?

Waloni: It is a very exciting role. South East Asia is a very exciting place to me, with lots of diversity and opportunity. But regardless of the region, our mission remains the same whether we are providing cutting tools or digital machining solutions-- and that's to help our customers increase productivity, reduce waste, save cost and improve quality.


IMNA: I read in your profile that you were regional sales manager in Indonesia; I believe you have seen the business closely for a long time. What are the prominent changes that you have observed in terms of acceptance and deployment of digital manufacturing in Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia region?

Waloni: In terms of digital manufacturing, I have seen that customers are very interested to hear the benefits that digital solutions can deliver to their manufacturing. With technology such as the internet, cloud computing and smart devices benefitting our customers' personal lives on a daily basis, it is easier for them to understand how our solutions can benefit and be applied to their manufacturing.


In addition, the hype around Industry 4.0. is a topic that people are very keen to learn more about.


IMNA: Where do you think South East Asia stands in the adoption of digital machining as compared to other developed nations?

Waloni: South East Asia has a relatively young population. For example, Indonesia has a median age of 29, Vietnam has a median age of 32 years, which means many of our customers, and team members are millennials.


We can see in the consumer world how millennials are very open to new technology adoption and this is no different in the manufacturing world.


IMNA: Covid-19 has changed the way the manufacturing world operated. The pandemic and resulting worker health-and-safety requirements have spurred interest in digitalisation. How much, according to you, will the adoption rate for digital machining increase in the time to come?


Waloni: I think the adoption rate for digitalisation will depend on how long it takes for customers to understand it. Nevertheless, I strongly think that once they experience the benefits, customers will not go back to the conventional ways.


IMNA: What are your plans for working with your customers in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and general engineering industries across South East Asia?


Waloni: We will be launching several new products throughout the year in South East Asia and Oceania.

In April, we will be launching Coroplus Machining Insights, which is a cloud-based machining analytics software that can help customers increase OEE and other important parameters in a factory.


We'll also launch CoroPlus Process Control this year, which is a sensor-based real time monitoring system that monitors machining in real-time and acts according to programmed protocols if specific issues occur, for example by stopping the machine or replacing a worn cutting tool.


Other products for launch include Coroplus Tool Library Cloud, which is a software that can help reduce time spent making initial operations planning and programming. These solutions are applicable for all industries and we cannot wait to share them with our customers.


After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Atmajaya University in Jakarta in 2005, Waloni began a career at Sandvik Group, where he worked for Sandvik Machining Solutions division, helping factories to increase productivity and save costs. In 2012, Waloni joined Sandvik's Coromant division working in various roles such as Machine Investments, Distribution and recently as Regional Sales Manager in Indonesia. Waloni's experience, both in and outside of Sandvik, has positioned him with superb machine tools knowledge. His engineering background and multiple managerial roles give him the skills to lead this new digital role at Sandvik Coromant, helping to equip both colleagues and customers with the tools required for a digital future.

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