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Sustainability in cosmetics packaging

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-06-03
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On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2021, Biotherm has launched its new sustainability campaign: Live By Blue Beauty. As a leading cosmetic brands, Biotherm is committed to “Blue Beauty”, which it sees as a holistic approach to beauty that strives to offer products that take care of the skin while taking care of the planet and in particular its Blue Lung, the ocean. Live By Blue Beauty builds and expands on the legacy of Biotherm's Water Lovers program (originally launched in 2012) by taking a more holistic approach across all aspects of the brand.


A time to act for the oceans

Last year, UNESCO's Global Ocean Science Report found that ocean science accounts for only between 0.04% and 4% of total research worldwide. Despite the critical role that the ocean plays on our planet's health, from regulating climate change to producing more than 50% of the oxygen on earth, it remains critically understudied – and its importance remains abstract in the minds of many.

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 “Humans need to rethink the relationship between science and nature. At Biotherm, we believe that true progress – the kind of progress that we need to create a better future for our oceans and for our planet – can only be achieved if we leverage science to support nature,” explains Giulio Bergamaschi.


New plastic milestone – 25% PCR plastic across entire brand

This year, Biotherm is proud to announce a major milestone in its Blue Beauty journey: it will reach 25% PCR plastic across the brand's entire packaging footprint in 2021.


By the end of 2021, 97.8%1 of the brand's PET bottles (Waterlover Sun Milk SPF30 + SPF50, Biosource…) and 84%2 of the brand's PE bottles (Lait Corporel L'Original, Life Plankton Body…) will be made with recycled plastic in line with Biotherm's commitments to a circular economy. By making the choice to switch to PCR plastic, the brand will save approximately 270 tons of virgin plastic3. Together, this amounts to 25% PCR plastic for the brand's entire plastic packaging footprint.


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