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Groundbreaking technology for plastic recycling

Source:Ringier Events     Date:2021-07-19
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As plastic products consumption increases, concerns on the impact of plastic waste on the environment also intensify. A growing number of industries producing plastic products are now making a commitment to protect the environment by making their products recyclable, reusable or degradable. Thus, plastic recycling has become an essential part of the plastic production cycle that the global plastic recycling market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% to reach $60.7 billion by 2025, according to a study by ResearchAndMarkets.com. The study also stated that factors - such as rising demand for plastics in various end-user industries and favourable government initiatives towards the reduction of plastic waste - have strengthened the growth of this market. With the increasing awareness on the impact of global warming, plastic manufacturers are largely focusing on developing new recycling concepts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain environmental sustainability.

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Thus, the development of industry-leading technologies that will improve plastic recycling and make it more productive, efficient and cost-saving is much anticipated. In this area, FIMIC is introducing its latest innovation that aims to maximise the efficiency of the recycling process to significantly lower maintenance and operational costs, as well as improve end-product quality for higher profitability.  This game-changing technology is the focus of the FIMIC webinar, Groundbreaking Technology for Plastic Recycling,” on 9 September 2021 from 3:00 p.m. (SGT) where FIMIC’s Regional Sales Director, Ms. Aria Chen, will discuss post-consumer plastics recycling technology updates, efficient organisation of the recycling process, and performance improvements in post-consumer plastics filtration.


Ms. Chen will also present this latest recycling technology’s benefits to those engaged in plastic recycling and those who intend to pursue in-house recycling. She will also talk about FIMIC’s advanced solutions and how these can further enhance distinct engineering standards and support customers in various regions around the world.


To register, visit: https://ringierevents.clickmeeting.com/535317728/register


About the Speaker

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Ms. Aria Chen has been working in the plastic machinery industry since 2011. She has 8 years of experience with extruders, including recycling extruders. Two years ago, she joined FIMIC where she began to focus on plastic recycling systems. She is responsible for the markets in East Asia and South East Asia; and has been working to help more producers boost their plastic recycling process. Ms. Chen has been the key resource person in various webinars focusing on plastic recycling, melt filtration and extrusion in Asia.



FIMIC started 56 years ago manufacturing customised guillotines for cutting industrial waste bales and rolls, but it was in 1996, when it improved the melt filtration technologies available at the time, with the first FIMIC backflush filter entering into service, followed the year after by the “scraping” system, that started to make history in the plastics recycling industry. For over 20 years, FIMIC has specialised in automatic self-cleaning melt filters, and continues to design, manufacture and assemble, in its own premises, machineries that guarantee high results in target end-applications.  For more information about FIMIC, visit: www.fimic.it




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