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ADM and Culturelle's probiotic supplement targets metabolic health and weight management

Source:ADM     Date:2021-07-27
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ADM, global nutrition solutions leader for the food and beverage and health and wellness industries, has partnered with i-Health Inc. to formulate its Culturelle® Metabolism + Weight Management product featuring ADM’s proprietary BPL1™strain. Culturelle® is the number one-selling probiotic brand globally.

ADM's Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BPL1 (CECT 8145) strain is supported by a portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical evidence demonstrating its potential metabolic health and weight management benefits. ADM has also defined BPL1™'s mechanism of action – the specific biochemical interaction through which it impacts the biomarkers related to metabolic health.

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“As this is the first Culturelle® product to target metabolic health and weight management, we’re proud to say it’s formulated with BPL1™ and highlight the robust science that supports it. This has been possible thanks to our strong partnership with ADM, and we’re looking forward to exploring further opportunities together,” said Eric Bianco, Brand Lead – North America at Culturelle®.

ADM invests in industry-leading microbiome research and innovation to help our  partners and customers develop evidence-based solutions in a variety of applications. Together we're supporting the metabolic health needs of consumers around the world,” said Marta Tortajada Serra, Vice President – Science & Technology at ADM. 

Recent ADM research shows close to a third of consumers have become more conscious about their weight – compared to just 21% prior to the pandemic2. Of the 38% of U.S. consumers who have changed their views on health and wellness in the last year, 32% cited a change in weight as the reason why3. Consumers are also more informed about how their metabolic health affects their overall health – especially their immune health and mental health – through the gut microbiome. Many consumers are seeking nutrition solutions in convenient formats to support their well-being. In fact, 27% of dietary supplement users increased their usage over the last five years, with 40% citing increased concerns for their health as the reason why4.


Culturelle ®  Metabolism + Weight Management is available on Amazon.com, Target.com and on shelves in select retailers, such as CVS and Rite Aid.



1BPL1® is a trademark registered for Biopolis S.L. in the EU.

2ADM OutsideVoiceSM 

3The Hartman Group – Health & Wellness 2021: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19

4Natural Marketing Institute – 2021 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report (9th Edition)  

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