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Outlook 2022: Growing demand for next-generation compressors

Source:International Plastics News for     Date:2021-12-02
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Following a turbulent year and the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, BOGE achieved more in 2020 than expected, bearing in mind, the global economic situation. The decrease in sales during the first year of the pandemic was minimal.  Growth in China was positive and Germany remained surprisingly stable.  Thanks to its range of screw compressors, BOGE even increased its share of the market for some products.


According to Mr. Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, despite the constant threat of lockdowns, disruption in global supply chains and reduced orders, production at BOGE remained uninterrupted throughout 2020-2021. “Last year, BOGE increased production of its medical compressed air systems and machines which were required to keep patients mechanically ventilated in ICU. Via BOGE’s subsidiary in China, we were able to source personal protective equipment, including over 37,000 face masks which were distributed to clinics and GPs across Germany.  Many countries across Asia and beyond have had to create makeshift hospitals or transform existing buildings into treatment centres due to the sheer volume of infected patients,” according to Mr. Amunugama. BOGE released the E0 Med line of mobile air compressors to these new environments - in places like hotels, sports, halls, exhibition halls, and other temporary ventilation centres.


Nalin Amunugama, General Manager, BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.jpg

Mr. Nalin Amunugama, General Manager


BOGE has also brought in new products in 2021. In early 2021, the company launched the new DAV-2 series of absorption dryers for the generation of dry compressed air for users in sensitive manufacturing areas such as the pharmaceutical, electronic and automotive industries.  In September 2021, BOGE expanded its product portfolio to include highly efficient permanent magnet motors in selected C-series screw compressors. The compressors are designed to provide high free air delivery over time - so users benefit from reduced compressor energy consumption. BOGE also introduced its new state-of-the-art S ecoline compressor series which is ideal for garages, body shop workshops and light industries. The ecoline is silent, user friendly and low maintenance.


“Looking to the future, we see the importance of cross-sectional compressed air technology as essential in numerous sectors such as manufacturing, processing, and healthcare. Growing demand for maintenance and replacement activities will drive demand. Increasing trends such as remote monitoring and real time data, clean air technology, eco-friendly features, and devices including portable/mobile and noise-free compressors offer lucrative opportunities for producers of innovative equipment,” Mr. Amunugama explained when asked on upcoming trends. 


For 2022, Mr. Amunugama stressed that BOGE is already ahead of the game with its line of oil-free screw and piston compressors, scroll and turbo compressors to meet future demands. “Early next year, we will launch the BOGE DH-2 series for PET applications.  We are also upgrading the refrigerant dryer series (DS 4-2 up to DS 100-2) with the environmentally-friendly and future-proof R513A. These refrigerant compressed air dryers not only boast low power consumption levels and extremely low pressure losses, they have the lowest CO2 footprint in the market.  BOGE actively invests in research and development in order to develop new, highly efficient market-oriented products and next generation compressed air systems - with precision and quality.  In addition, at BOGE, we have a growing team of engineers and designers who are able to respond quickly to any situation or requirement,” Mr. Amunugama said.


BOGE continues to have confidence on the Asian market as the region currently accounts for the largest share of the air compressor market and will continue to grow with increased spending on industrialisation and infrastructure development. Along with growing consumer awareness of product quality, the need for improved air quality, and supportive government policies on energy conservation will boost market growth, specifically for industries like food and beverage manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and construction. 


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