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Outlook 2022: TPEs gain headway in the medical sector

Source:Int'l Plastics News for Asia     Date:2021-12-23
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Ever Polymer Co., Ltd. (Everlon) has been developing formulations for a wide range of applications, such as medical devices, easy peel for food packaging market, automotive and other industries. As Mr. Vincent Liao, Sales Manager at Everlon recalls: “Despite the impact of COVID-19 and shortage of raw materials supply in the global market in 2021, Everlon’s production maintained its steady growth because of our strong market presence in the areas of medical and other industry sectors, as well as stock control with upstream suppliers.”


Everlon’s medical grade polymers are especially ideal for such applications as easy peel for medical device packaging, IV bags, medical tube, stopper for Euro cap, ring pull and parts for medical devices. All resins for medical and food grades comply with the certification of USP Class VI and are manufactured in Cleanroom Class 100,000, which earned Everlon approval from its global pharmaceutical partners for years.

Vincent Liao new.jpg

Mr. Vincent Liao, Sales Manager, Ever Polymer Co., Ltd (Everlon)


For 2022, the market for materials is looking at increased use of environment-friendly materials and processes. To this end, according to Mr. Liao, solutions on the use of recyclable materials will continue to dominate the market trend for most of the industries, especially for disposable products that are in high demand, such as food and medical packaging. “Traditional medical gloves contain latex  and considering the difficulties in recycling latex glove, we see a growing number of rubber glove makers trying to evaluate TPE into their production for making recyclable gloves,” according to Mr. Lao. Everlon invested in new pilot equipment related to the operating processes of blowing, casting and extrusion for speeding up TPE formulations during the COVID-19 pandemic period, and these formulations were developed successfully and approved by global partners. All recyclable formulations will support Everlon’s growth in 2022, targeting on the applications of easy peel film for packaging, TPE medical tube with kink-free property, TPE recyclable gloves for medical and food markets, among others.



With its successful performance in the medical and food sectors, Everlon is keen on developing formulations to cover both fields. As Mr Liao pointed out, these potential applications include moisture absorption film and container for packaging market as well as customised functional multilayer film for packaging industry. The demand for profile applications associated to automotive and construction market led Everlon to invest in new equipment for extrusion process, which turns the resin into finished profile, thus shortening the evaluation process for the customers. 



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