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Mettler-Toledo launches affordable solution to X-ray inspection with the X12

Source:Mettler Toledo     Date:2022-03-21
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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched a major new x-ray inspection solution with high detection sensitivity, into the Pan-Asia market. 

The X12 is equipped with Mettler-Toledo’s ContamPlusTM x-ray inspection software algorithms which enhance detection capabilities for a wide range of contaminants. Designed to meet the needs of food manufacturers producing packaged products, the X12 is an affordable x-ray solution delivering advances in ease of operation, maintenance and servicing, as well as improved safety features.  


Mike Pipe, Head of Global Sales at Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray said, “Food manufacturers place great importance in the reliability and sensitivity of their product inspection systems. As such, we have designed the X12 as an entry level x-ray system which provides contaminant detection and an additional layer of product safety and quality assurance checks all at a competitive price point with other inspection solutions.”



Pipe continued, “We haven’t made any compromises here: not only is the X12 a highly productive and reliable x-ray system, it is also easy to use. The cost effectiveness of the X12 gives every food manufacturer a lower total cost of ownership and a swift return on their investment. This is all backed up by Mettler-Toledo’s industry-leading levels of service and support.” 


The X12 is capable of operating at speeds of up to 60 metres per minute to inspect packaged products for foreign body contaminants including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, calcified bone, dense plastic and rubber compounds. Simultaneously, the X12 performs a wide range of valuable in-line quality checks of both the product and pack, such as counting components. The quality checks help to uphold brand integrity and protect the consumer from substandard product.  


Product set-up is automated, and the large 15.6-inch touchscreen HMI can be programmed for multiple product set-ups, with no limit on product changeovers. Available with a wide range of language and character key entry capabilities, the HMI software helps to reduce errors in inputting product and job names, as well as single click shortcuts to access additional product information. The X12 x-ray system is available with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdXTM data management software, giving users access to a range of digital productivity and security benefits. 


Safety features have been a major consideration in the design of the X12 system. It has been designed to the highest global safety standards, including those specified by the European Union (CE) and USA (FDA), to minimise the risks of injury to operators. Fail-safe interlocks inside access doors, and hand sensors in infeed/outfeed areas will shut the machine down when activated. The X12 also features radiation protection of <1uSv/h to help keep operators safe.  


Additional key developments about the Mettler-Toledo Safeline X12 x-ray system above and beyond highly sensitive contaminant detection and ease-of-use include: 

·        Improved hygienic design based on rounded frame tubes and sloping surfaces, designed to be self-draining. This eliminates water pooling and makes cleaning easier. 

·        Quick release front belt and curtain frame, taking one minute to take off and clean. This saves time in cleaning and maintenance processes. 

·        High build quality, with IP (Ingress Protection) rating options of IP65 and IP66 available. 

·        Improved servicing through quick access and easy replacement of key components through front-facing access panel. This also helps in making efficient use of floor space.

·        Remote operation option – users are able to access and control the X12 system from any browser-based device


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