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ADM perspective: The Dietary Supplement Consumer of Tomorrow

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal     Date:2022-03-24
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WHEN the pandemic started, a more pronounced fear of infirmity or physical discomfort came over most individuals. While this fear is largely of catching the coronavirus, it extended to other worries as well. But out of this fear came about a desire to take one’s health much more seriously. And over the past two years, there has been a marked change in personal habits where consumers are being careful about their food choices and activities, and seeing vitamin and mineral supplement intake as necessary for their well-being. Now experts predict that consumer awareness about proper health and nutrition will grow even after COVID-19 wanes.

In the Asia-Pacific region, intake of dietary supplements grew as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from Euromonitor show the APAC market occupied 50% share (about $38 billion) of the global dietary supplement market revenue of $76 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period (2021-2026). The CAGR for Southeast Asia is anticipated to reach 8.4% during the same forecast period.

ADM confirms this in its report, The Dietary Supplement Consumer of Tomorrow which is a quick guide on how companies can prepare for this growth.

We are dedicated to keeping a pulse on evolving consumer behaviours,” says Ms Lois Mo, Marketing Director, Health & Wellness, APAC, ADM. “Through extensive consumer research, we have identified top consumer motivations and key opportunities to drive new category trial and retention in the dietary supplement field. Having said that, ADM’s critical comprehensive view of the consumer landscape, formulation expertise and science-backed solutions can help health and wellness formulators develop tailored offerings that align with consumers’ evolving needs.”

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The ADM report cites the following market drivers:


1. Personalised solutions 

Even though many individuals are taking active steps to support their overall health and well-being, some are still resistant to the idea of dietary supplements. To attract these potential ‘consumers of tomorrow’, producers should recognise the need for custom-made dietary supplements targeting individual needs.


2. Flexible, convenient formats

Consumers seek health-forward products want a wide range of delivery forms that fit with their lifestyle, are convenient and easy to take, and taste great. Manufacturers are launching formats that appeal to different age demographics, from children through older adults.


3. Clean and sustainable

Consumers care about the environment and sustainability and seek brands that share similar values and practices. Applying the concept “good for me, good for the earth,” many shoppers prefer to choose products with clean and clear labels and sustainability credentials.


4. A proactive approach to wellness

Consumers are looking for functional ingredients and more natural options to support health concerns. When considering nutritional supplements, 59% of global consumers want to see scientific evidence supporting supplement efficacy; 75% of global consumers will make greater attempts to stay healthier as a result of Covid-19; 55% of global consumers look for active ingredients they recognise (source: FMCG Gurus).


5. Supplements can be enjoyed in the same way as food and beverages  

Consumers want supplements that are not only nutritionally beneficial, but also a treat to enjoy. In many instances, consumers are reaching for more mindful indulgences that are both delicious and deliver better-for-you ingredients. 


Top health concerns

The ADM report ranks global consumers’ health concerns in this order: 1) Immunity, 2) Energy, 3) Cognitive and Mental Health, 4) Heart health, and 5) Digestive health. But it’s interesting to note that the ranking can vary across geographic regions.


The Dietary Supplement Consumer of Tomorrow report looks at the top health concerns that global nutritional supplement users seek to address with supplements. The rankings differ slightly across geographic regions.  In Asia-Pacific, the top health benefits consumers seeking from supplements rank as follows: Immune Function, Digestive Health, Energy, Sleep Health and Emotional Well-being,” Lois explains.  


For some of these concerns, ADM has been providing health and F&B companies with a portfolio of innovative ingredients and solutions.


“ADM recognises that consumers are revaluating and refocusing their health and wellness routines across all aspects of their lifestyles, especially with this duality of consumer needs for both taste and functionality,” says Lois. “To meet growing consumer needs in this space, ADM supports formulators by providing a combination of science-backed ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, botanicals and plant extracts that offer added functional attributes. Additionally, the enjoyment of eating experiences is also an important part of a healthy diet, so ADM helps formulators fulfil mindful indulgences that are functional, enjoyable and fun by combining them with attractive colours and flavours,” she concludes.


To know more about ADM’s findings, access the full report.

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