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BEIER recycling systems meet international customers' requirements

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2022-04-22
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BEIER is a well-established company with extensive experience in providing machinery and engineering for plastic recycling, including the processes of crushing-grinding, washing, separating, drying and pelletizing plastic materials with all types of contamination, whether from industrial scrap or post-consumer waste.


One of its successful cases is a professional recycler in South Africa dedicated to supplying high quality plastic packaging solutions. This customer has installed a complete BEIER pelletizing line from densifier and two-stage extruders, as well as water-ring downstream equipped with double filtering for polyethylene film with an average production capacity of 500kg/h. Satisfied with the performance of the machine and services it received from BEIER, the customer has placed repeated order of another three machines with BEIER this year. 

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In the UK, a customer dedicated to the recovery and recycling of LDPE films has recently installed similar pelletizing line system with output capacity of 600kg/hr. While running steadily and well, the customer intends to continue expanding production capacity and seeks greater cooperation from BEIER. And also due to the UK new tax policy imposed on plastic manufacturing, related recycling machines from BEIER will become more popular in this market. BEIER also hopes to bring green and circularity to every country in the world.


BEIER is always committed to developing long-term relationships with its customers, not just for the installation of individual projects, but also in providing all-around services needed by its customers. BEIER provides enormous support - from the moment the machines arrives, during installation, start-up, initial adjustments, the constant supply of spare parts, and service in different languages. In this sense, BEIER's philosophy is to position itself as a technological partner of each customer in every projects. 

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