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The nature of chocolate leads to a variety of chocolate confectioneries

Source:WDS     Date:2022-05-13
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OPTIMAL flow of the chocolate mass creates the perfect chocolate product. It requires a special tempering, depositing and cooling process.


Moulding plants for the classic

Solid chocolate bars are the classic among chocolate products - common, simple and popular.Today, they are manufactured in fully automatic, mostly one-lane moulding plants. Depending on the type of chocolate and the ingredients, the chocolate masses are deposited by an accompanying piston depositor with rotating cutting knife. All machinery movements are servo-controlled, with all functions being monitored and controlled by a control panel. Modern plants nowadays are integrated in a quality management system.

schokolade - Copy.jpg


Shell moulding plants: More sophisticated confectioneries

Shell moulding plants have been specially designed for filled chocolate products. Many individual steps characterise the classical route for the production of a filled chocolate product. Traditionally for the conventional production of hollow figures a spinning line is used.


But hollow figures can also be produced with the cold stamping technology. After producing and cooling the shell, it is filled. For this purpose, in a filling mass is deposited via depositor. It is also possible to insert – in several steps – different masses and/or ingredients, such as whole nuts or biscuits.


After filling the shell and re-cooling the filling mass, it still needs to be closed. During this process, chocolate is again deposited onto each product by means of a bottom depositor. Surplus chocolate is removed from the moulds by a scraper, forming a smooth bottom. Finally, the hollow figures are cooled and discharged.


The control of the plants is fully automatic as standard. Depending on the degree of organisation and corporate philosophy, the manufacturing process can be integrated into a HACCP/GMP process as well.



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