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The return of ASEAN's leading machinery and technology event

Source:International Plastics News for Asia     Date:2022-06-06
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ME2 logo.pngManufacturing Expo 2022 is ASEAN’s most comprehensive exhibition to empower the supporting and manufacturing industries including automation and assembling technology, mould making technology, electronics manufacturing technology, plastics and packaging, automotive body parts, and surface & coatings solutions. The shows aims to deliver up-to-date movements of industries and showcase the latest innovations and solutions. 


Moving against challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing and supporting industries need more power to thrive. Manufacturing Expo 2022 is bringing back all the powers industrialists need in forms of latest manufacturing machinery and solutions from over 2,000 brands from 30 countries. Under the theme of “Power Up” and consisting of five international specialised events serving auto-parts making, plastics manufacturing, mould and die making, industrial automation, and surface treatment for industrial parts, Manufacturing Expo 2022 remains the most comprehensive industry event in ASEAN where over 85,000 participants will network, discover, and be empowered by new knowledge in seminars, networking functions, and more. More important, this exhibition is set to encourage the mutual collaboration to power up without limit through trade exhibitions with the latest technologies that can enhance creativity and power for manufacturers in all aspects, such as knowledge update through conferences organised within the shows by guest speakers who are experts in their fields.


As a platform for information exchange and networking, the event also provides opportunities for dialogues with the machinery specialists so that manufacturers can acquire new ideas and skills to maximise efficiency. Moreover, manufacturers are able to source state-of-the-art technologies that are user-friendly and can help empower their productivity.  For each of the concurrent exhibition, several seminars are being organised to provide technical information and appropriate venue for consultation and networking.



InterPlas Thailand 2022

As plastics play vital roles in every part of life, plastic manufacturers encounter both opportunities and challenges in their adjustment to match the current dynamics. At InterPlas Thailand 2022, one of the concurrent exhibitions at Manufacturing Expo, plastics manufacturers will discover new possibilities to power up their businesses, explore more opportunities, and handle challenges with over 300 brands of latest machinery, recycling technologies, raw materials, and more. The event’s concurrent seminars and networking opportunities are expected open the floor for the industrialists to discuss plastics production issues.  

InterMold Thailand 2022

To expand and sustain the growth of mould-making businesses, industrialists need to come together to get updated on latest technology and equipment and exchange ideas, connections, and business opportunities. InterMold Thailand 2022 is where mould makers get the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and industry leaders. The event features over 250 brands of latest mould manufacturing, repair, and maintenance technology and equipment, including 3D printing technology, seminars, and networking opportunities. 


Automotive Manufacturing 2022

The advent of EV is presenting changes and challenges to auto-part makers. It is very important that the community comes together to discuss how to tackle the challenges and prepare for the future. Automotive Manufacturing 2022 is designed to be the most focused industrial gathering where the industrialists will not only meet providers of over 250 brands of automotive parts manufacturing technologies, equipment, materials, testing and more, but will also meet with industry leaders and peers to learn from each other in seminars and networking opportunities at the most comprehensive event of the industry in ASEAN. As a part of Manufacturing Expo, Automotive Manufacturing is the place to be for auto-part makers who want to add more horsepower into their businesses to be ready for the future.


Surface & Coatings 2022

ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Technology & Solutions Exhibition for Surface & Treatment, Paints, and Coatings, 8th Edition of Surface & Coatings 2022 is a platform that brings together the new technologies of the fast growing surface processing market and the industrial implementers, creating new opportunities for the sector. The highly diverse trade exhibition specialising in surface finish, form or function to enhance appearance, bond strength, corrosion resistance or any design feature. This show boasts a wide range of must-see features like the innovation updates, in-depth presentations, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

Assembly & Automation Technology 2022

Assembly & Automation Technology 2022 is where manufacturing and supporting industries get closer to become smart factories and how they transform how products are made in the digital age. As ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Industrial Automation Systems & Solutions and Assembly Technology, Assembly & Automation Technology features the latest industrial automation and robotics technology from over 475 brands. 


Post-pandemic recovery will spur demand for advanced technologies.


Laying the foundation for sustainable growth

In 2022, every country will focus their attention on accelerating economic recovery. This will include laying the foundation for the next step of sustainable growth after the COVID-19 situation relax. One of the interesting ideas that industrialists can adopt is the suggestion of five trends under the concept of G-RO-W-T-H proposed by Krungthai Compass.


G-Green economy: Governments around the world will focus more on achieving Carbon neutrality/Net Zero Emission through various policies. Thailand has also announced the goal to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and Net Zero Emission by 2065. Hence, manufacturers looking to succeed in both national and international markets should learn to adapt to technologies, alternative energy, raw materials, and production guidelines that are in line with these policies.


RO-Re-Opening: Krungthai Compass estimates that Chinese tourists may be able to travel out of the country freely by the end of 2022, so relevant businesses should develop quality and sustainable tourism in the meantime. For examples, tourism as a medical service and health promotion which is in line with Thailand’s S-curve and New S-curve economy in order to finally become a medical hub in the region.


W-Work and Workforce: The COVID-19 pandemic has created an employment crisis that leads to The Great Resignation. Krungthai Compass suggests that organisations should remodel their working styles by taking employee safety into account, and promote the development of personnel skills especially in the digital aspect so these employees can support the company’s competitiveness in the future.


T-Technology driven

Today's technologies are developed at exponential rate, and have become important factors for the industry to gain an advantage over their competitors. Examples of technologies that manufacturers should quickly study and deploy are Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), quantum computing, blockchain, cloud computing, and AI. Currently, there are many agencies that provide consulting or funding that entrepreneurs can contact for assistance.



COVID-19 is forecast to eventually become local endemic with reduced severity. This will result in the popularity of health care at home through standardized testing equipment, as well as the rise of virtual health visits and medical services through applications or the Internet (Telehealth).


For more information about Manufacturing Expo, visit: www.manufacturing-expo.com


For more updates on the trade show, visit: InterPlas Thailand 2022-ringier industry sourcing

- This article also appears in the International Plastics News for Asia - June issue. To read the e-zine version, click here 

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