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Trigea concept: Plant-based dog treats with extra bite

Source:Trigea     Date:2022-07-05
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Ingredients specialist Trigea uses the nutritive and functional properties of wheat texturates for its latest application concept: plant-based chew sticks. The unique application, which can be adapted by manufacturers according to individual requirements, is a high-quality source of plant protein but needs very few ingredients. The chew sticks consist mainly of the extruded wheat protein Trigovit® Tex Granules. After a short soaking time in water, it forms a firm, meat-like and flexible structure – without the need for binders – and can be formed into any desired shape, such as sticks, for example. The plant-based chews are particularly flexible and can be bent up to 25 per cent more than conventional products. They have no flavour of their own and therefore serve as ideal flavour carriers for individual flavourings.

Trigea_Plant-based chews_wheattexturates1.jpg

 (Photo © Crespel & Deiters)

The texturates get their special fibrous structure through the thermo-mechanical process of extrusion. During rehydration, the starch within unfolds its binding properties. The material is further bonded by a mechanical pressing process, so that no additional binder is needed. In addition to the granules, the Trigovit® Tex range offers texturates in other sizes, shapes and colours, so that a variety of different treats for dogs and cats can be produced. The recipe can also be individually supplemented with flavours or vitamins, for example. The basic concept of Trigea's product development includes two per cent glycerine as a moisturiser, and the company uses only GMO-free wheat from Europe as raw material. Dry Trigovit® Tex is also easy to store and handle.


Maximilian Hegge, Sales Manager at Trigea, comments: "Consumers are increasingly paying attention to ingredient lists. A short label can be a competitive advantage because many products in this segment are still unable to achieve this. Our idea for chew sticks should serve as a source of inspiration, as countless pet food innovations can be achieved using this concept.

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