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IST AG launches commodity conductivity sensor

Source:IST     Date:2022-08-16
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 IST AG's latest product release is the robust thick-film LFS1505 sensor which sports fast response time, optimal accuracy, is resistant to various chemicals and can be customized to any application's needs from smaller order quantities to volume manufacturing.


The standard LFS1505 conductivity sensor is the perfect low-cost solution for hand-held devices in medical technology requiring single-use sensors, e.g. for autoclaving, and its wide application range reaches from water treatment and quality monitoring over fuel cell applications to the prevention of calcification in white goods and kitchen appliances.


"We are very pleased to be able meet the market's demands for a low-cost conductivity sensor by launching the LFS1505 as a standard sensor," says Stefan Wolf, Team Leader R&D, of IST AG and adds: "IST's portfolio so far consists of a variety of conductivity sensors with on-board temperature sensor, killing two birds with one stone. However, some applications already have temperature measurement included and only need a single-parameter component to measure conductivity. While the new LFS1505's quality of conductivity measurement remains the same, its competitive price makes it suitable for single use. This is a standard 'off-the rack'-sensor, but we can also develop it to fit application-specific requirements within a short development and production time."



The sensor's conductivity range is from 1000 μS/cm to 100.000 mS/cm (typical cell constant of 0.66 cm-1; 4 electrodes and operates in a temperature range from -30 °C to +100 °C. Its chip size is 14.9 x 5.5 x 0.65 mm and its 4 wires' dimensions are Ø 0.2 mm, 20 mm long.


IST AG's conductivity sensors are a used in applications ranging from water treatment and quality monitoring to leak detection in cooling & heat exchangers and condensers, to chemical processing, pharmaceutical and medical applications, food & beverage industries, and analytical laboratories


Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the global leaders in micro system technology, services and solutions for industrial measurement applications. The company employs approx. 400 personnel across the globe.


IST AG is a manufacturer and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors. Its product range contains thin-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, conductivity and biosensors. IST AG also manufactures a broad portfolio of calibrated humidity modules. Additionally, a highly qualified technical team offers consulting, development and production of challenging customer requests in the field of micro system technology.


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