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Study reveals positive impact of pomegranate extract on satiety

Source:Euromed     Date:2022-09-27
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According to a recently published clinical study by the department of Dietetics, Nutrition and Biological Sciences, those supplementing with Euromed’s natural extract Pomanox® showed significantly lower levels of hunger and a desire to eat, as well as higher levels of satiety, compared to a placebo group. 


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In the preliminary, independent, placebo-controlled study conducted at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh1, twenty-eight healthy subjects were given either three-week supplementation with Pomanox® or a placebo. During week three, satiety parameters were determined on a testing day after participants ingested breakfast and lunch with pomegranate juice (PJ). The results suggest that subjects in the Pomanox® group with the PJ preload were generally more satisfied than those given the placebo. Participants were also less hungry after Pomanox® intake with PJ during the meal than those who consumed placebo juice and capsules. Scores from the visual analogue scales (VAS), which record subjective sensations, showed significantly lower levels of hunger and a desire to eat, as well as higher levels of fullness and satisfaction, thus greater levels of satiety in participants consuming Pomanox® with PJ, compared to the placebo. These participants also liked the smell of the meal significantly more than the placebo group. Interestingly, the consumption of pomegranate extract was associated with a significantly lower amount of food intake during the satiety session compared with the placebo group. 


While preliminary, these findings confirm the appetite-regulating effect of polyphenol-rich  extracts reported in previous studies, suggesting possible novel new approaches to reducing  risk factors for obesity and compulsive eating, and providing more enjoyable meals while  dieting.


Andrea Zangara, Scientific Marketing Manager at Euromed, says: “We are very pleased to  see these promising results, as they further support the efficacy and safety of Pomanox®, expanding its numerous evidence-based health applications to include weight management and behavioural support. Pomanox® is available in different formats and strengths, and  extracted using safe and eco-friendly, water-only technologies (Pure-Hydro Process®) as with all the other ingredients in our line of Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Extracts™. Their production is vertically integrated as they originate from selected fruits grown in the  Mediterranean region - close to our dedicated manufacturing plant and in accordance with  strict and transparent quality control protocols. In summary, they are ideal for inclusion in  premium dietary supplements, functional foods and pharmaceuticals.”


1 Stockton, A.; Al-Dujaili, E.A.S. Effect of Pomegranate Extract Consumption on Satiety Parameters in Healthy Volunteers: A Preliminary Randomized Study. Foods 2022, 11, 2639. https://doi.org/10.3390/foods11172639

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