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Innovative in-mold electronics for auto lighting

Source:Covestro     Date:2022-09-28
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X2F has joined a unique collaboration with Covestro to develop a thermally conductive automotive heat-sink with in-mold electronics using X2F’s transformative controlled viscosity molding technology.  Application samples will be displayed at Covestro’s booth (Hall 6/A75-1/A75-2) during the K 2022 exhibition Oct. 19-26, in Düsseldorf, Germany. This new product will be a unique alternative for automotive OEMs and processors who seek a replacement for cast aluminium heat-sinks that is both lighter and more affordable.  


 The new heat-sink molded of Makrolon® polycarbonate (PC) is approximately half as heavy as the typical aluminum part. It is part of an in-mold assembly that can be used to integrate LED modules directly into the headlamp housing – eliminating the weight and labor associated with the installation of brackets, screws, thermal pastes, and adhesives.  The X2F technology is production-ready and has been demonstrated in high-volume series manufacturing for other applications.

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X2F’s ability to mold thermally conductive materials has applications far beyond heat-sinks. Thermal management is critical for superior performance in batteries, motors, and printed circuit board applications.  The X2F controlled viscosity, low-pressure molding approach allows highly filled materials to be molded that are not possible with other manufacturing approaches. The result is 30-200% improvement in performance depending on the application and materials used.  


X2F recently added a rotary table which reduces cycle times and opens up higher-volume production for its controlled viscosity molding machine. The rotary table enables X2F to reach production volumes of up to four million parts per year with one unit, depending on the cycle time, for the manufacture of critical components in the electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical industries.


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